Wednesday, July 23

"Best Day Of My Life" According to Duke

Yesterday my niece came to visit us for a few days.  The boys were in heaven as Maddy is one of their best friends.  When she is here I pretend she is my daughter.  I think she thinks I am weird.  ;-)

They organized the day's entertainment on their own.  It started with a Mentos and Diet Soda geyser.  We had two bottles of cheap diet soda and a few packs of Mentos, nothing we would ever ingest ourselves (YUCK!), but mixed together work magic to form a huge explosion.  

Two bottles of soda for three kids caused a minor argument as only two of them could pull the cord to create the chemical masterpiece.  I stayed out of it and they worked something out.  I think it involved me going to the store today and buying more soda, but I really wasn't paying attention.

The 20-foot geyser was very well received. Both times.

While they were making my lawn a sticky, smelly mess I took some time to photograph the few roses left in my rose garden.  Even though we live in town close to a busy road, we still have some deer in the area and they have used my roses as a tasty buffet.  This tiny red one was a fighter.

Next on the entertainment roster was a water balloon fight.  Duke was the only one who changed into a pair of swim trunks.  He has always been one to think ahead.

Blackberry hung out in the lawn watching them fill the balloons.  She had no idea that her peace (and dryness) was about to be shattered.  She puts up with a lot considering she is the only girl in our family (other than me of course).  

I took a chance that my camera would not get any water damage and I continued to photograph a few surviving roses.  The scary angel/cupid statue in this photo came with the house.  I was going to get rid of it but it weighs a ton and it has grown on me.  It looks like something you would see in a spooky cemetery.

Here is little Imp, covered in sweat as it was over 100 degrees and incredibly humid.  What a little innocent angel.

Oh, that is right.  He is an avenging angel.  Watch out Duke!

Yeah, Imp is getting out his frustrations of being the little guy in the family.  And he has wicked aim.  You can't tell in this photo, but Duke is calling him some really obnoxious names right now. Probably on the lines of "stinky poopy head" or "smelly tooter".  Duke's name-calling usually has a theme involving stinky poops or toots.

Maddy is busy filling the balloons.  Poor dear, they used them as fast as she made them.

After the kids picked up a million tiny balloon pieces from all over the front yard they jumped in a shower and then played with Legos.

See the Lego mess?  They must have been working on something really huge and amazing, right?

Here it is, a mini-golf range.  And not quite finished.  And quite small without many bricks.  That is because there are thousands of bricks usefully strewn all over Imp's room.  Arggggh.

Finally, they had dinner and spent an hour playing video games.

Soda: $2
Mentos: $2
Portable Pumping Station for Water Balloons:  $10
Total Cost:  $14

Entertainment Value = "Mentos geysers, water balloon fights, Legos, and video games; this was one of the best days of my life."  Duke, 9 years old.

There is nothing like a free-range child-centered summer day.  Did I mention after photographing a few flowers I then read a book and watched an Amazon Prime video?  It was one of the best days of my life too.  :-)

Summer ROCKS!

I need to get off the computer.  My parents brought all three kids to the museum for the day and I need to get some housework done (read a few books), weed the flower bed (watch a movie), and go grocery shopping (take a nap).  I can tell it is going to be a productive day already.

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  1. Now that's what our summer days were like as kids! Looked like a ton of fun, Rita!


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