Wednesday, June 25

Card Sharks and Tomorrow's Preview: Fun with Animated Gifs in Photoshop and PSE!

This morning I sent this photo of Duke teaching Imp poker (yes, they play with actual chips) via text to my husband who is working hard to support their poker addiction.  Mr. CoffeeShop has been nothing but supportive of my homeschooling techniques, and has listened to what must seem like endless boring hours of my theory of what is the best homeschooling method for our boys.  I recite stats and summaries of education books and comments on homeschooling blogs.  He must really love me to put up with my obessions.

Lately he is getting an earful about unschooling.  We have also had discussions about the pro's and con's of college and how we are going to let the boys make their own researched decisions on what they want to do with their life rather than push them toward something we would like to see them do.  

So his response when he saw this image?  ""I think they will be card sharks for their career".   A few mornings ago Duke asked us how old he had to be before he could play cards in Vegas and what did it mean to "count" cards…  I don't know whether I should be concerned for his future or excited that he loves math and is considering a new hobby.  ;-)

I know you have seen them, and sometimes you love them and sometimes they drive you crazy.  Well, tomorrow I am going to show you the way I make animated gifs using Photoshop AND PSE.

Animated gifs are quite easy to make and they can be as simple as a star sparkling on a logo or as complex as isolated movement in an otherwise still portrait.  I have seen them used on headers, logos, landing sites, websites, in bios, and posted just for fun.

Tune in tomorrow to learn how to create your own custom animated gifs!

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  1. I am so excited to learn this tomorrow! Can't wait, Thanks!

  2. Rita, you are so darn creative and FUN!


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