Monday, April 21

CoffeeShop Facebook Fix Photo-Resizing Photoshop/PSE Action

I get so annoyed when I upload a beautiful edit up to Facebook and it looks all grainy and horrible.  So the other day I finally decided to Google what is going on, and after reading a few sites I figured out how to write an action to resize images for Facebook.  I do want to say that Facebook changes all of the time so I can't make any promises how long this action will work, but right now it really helps your images stay lovely after uploading them.

The beautiful image I used in the ad above is from Royal Harrison Photography.

At this point in time all you have to do is resize your image to 851 pixels wide, sharpen a bit, and then save as a png (not a jpg).  Or run my new action, Facebook Fix, and get perfectly sized and sharpen images for posting on Facebook!

Download the free CoffeeShop Facebook Fix Photoshop/PSE action. You can also download it here.

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For complete info on installing all of my actions, click here.


  1. Is this a similiar size for blogs on blogger. I don't fill like paying to put good sized photo's on blog spot. SO I have to resize every photo.

  2. Thanks for doing this! Is the width supposed to be 851 on the longest end? In other words, if I run it on a vertical photo, is the length across 851 or does it need to be changed so that the height is 851?

  3. Linda, I think the width is the important number.

  4. I love and appreciate all your hard work. I do have a question unrelated, but as you are an aficionado on the subject, I thought of you right away. I recently edited about 100 pics on PSE6. (with your actions) I updated my OSX to Mavericks and lost all 100. When I open PSE6 and go to 'Open recently edited' I can see the list of 30. I can open them up and resave somewhere else but as it shows a list, doesn't that mean they should be on my computer somewhere still? Do you know if PSE6 has a folder that keeps all recently edited? Like the 100 I just did? You are my last resort before the last of my hair gets torn out!!! I hope this all makes sense...Apple could not help me at all.


  5. Hey there, I just downloaded the converter for facebook, but was wondering how I'm supposed to save when my picture is down? thanks for all you do! Much appreciated

  6. Rita, do you know if the width has changed since?

    1. I will check it out and update if necessary. 😊


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