Wednesday, April 2

Bluebonnet Time!

If you are a native Texan or ever lived here, you know it is a tradition to drag your kids out to the country and photograph them in roadside bluebonnets while praying they don't get bit by a copperhead snake or fire ants or run over by a crazy Texas driver.

Yesterday the weather was perfect flower-viewing (overcast and not too hot), so we went on our yearly drive out to bluebonnet country.   I brought my mom and 91-year old grandmother and we had a blast!  I love driving these back-country roads with a GPS as I always eventually find my way back home.

I have a new action coming out this week I think you will love.  It is a new type of matte action and a very popular editing look right now.  I have had spring-fever and have not been in the mood to work on my computer, but I have new photos from our road trip yesterday and I am excited to write some new actions/presets for you guys!

I edited this shot with my Cinderella LR preset.

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  1. I also live in Texas and have start-up photography business. I'm in the DFW area and I have a client requesting bluebonnet pics. Unfortunately I haven't had much luck finding them yet. Do you mind me asking where you took these? Or at least what town? you can send me a private email if u don't want to post it ( TYIA!


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