Thursday, March 20

CoffeeShop Baby Peach Photoshop/PSE Action!

I have had many of my readers write to ask me to put the "Peachy Glow" layer from my Miracle Baby retouching action in its own action.  So today I wanted to post my newest action, CoffeeShop Baby Peach!  This action adds a beautiful peachy glow to portraits and has a bonus layer to boost contrast.

I used a beautiful unedited image by Adia Speer Photography (Facebook) in this action tutorial.

I also wanted to preview the texture/editing tutorial I am posting tomorrow!  I will walk you through the edit and also show you how I use free textures to create these beautiful custom backgrounds.  I will link everything for you.

CoffeeShop Baby Peach Action Tutorial:

Here is my original unedited image.  Start the action.

When the action runs, it will prompt you to select the portrait's skin.  Use the eye dropper tool and then move the Fuzziness to taste.  The area selected should look white/blown out.

Here is my final image with the action layers.  I made no adjustments in this edit, but you can adjust the opacity if needed.  I hope you enjoy playing with this new action!

Download the free CoffeeShop Baby Peach Photoshop/PSE action.

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For complete info on installing all of my actions, click here.


  1. this is so funny, because I was using your miracle baby action set and was trying to figure out how to just do the peachy glow! I think I did figure it out but then I didn't know how I could make this into a saved action. THank you so much for this! can you show us how you save/make actions for PSE? I would love to save some of the other actions I've made for myself but do not know how to make it into an atn.file. I have all of mine saved as psd.file and just drag them ontop of my pictures, but I would love to not have to do this. Any help would be great! thanks again!

  2. Hi, when I click on the action file and open it in my zip program there is no atn.file only 2 pictures and your note, just wondering if its something on my end or am I missing something else?
    Thanks, Cherie

  3. I can't find a download link to the Baby Peach Action. :(


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