Tuesday, January 28

CoffeeShop Sweet Baby Dreams B&W Lightroom Preset!

I live in the southern half of Texas and last night the news prepared us for an arctic freeze today that only penguins would be able to survive.  All area schools and state businesses are closed due to the "dangerous" conditions.  We were warned to stay at home today with our heat turned up.

I just checked the weather and it is a deathly 31 degrees and it is lightly sleeting.  The sleet is melting as soon as it hits the pavement/roof.  I really don't know how people are making it in to work today with such hazardous conditions…  ;-)  I imagine those of you who live in the north would love to have our "arctic winter conditions".

Did I mention two days ago it was in the 60's and we had clear blue skies?  Texas winters rock!

I wanted to write a version of my Sweet Baby Dreams B&W Photoshop action for Lightroom (4 and up).  This preset is perfect for baby portraits on lighter blankets and creates a soft, bright B&W edit.  I love this preset and hope you enjoy using it too!

Sweet Baby  Dreams automatically applies a blanket fade effect on the edges of your image.  You can adjust it to to completely fade out the edges like I did in this sweet image from Lucinda Photography.

Go down to Effects and adjust the Amount and Midpoint settings of the vignette for a subtle to dramatic effect.

Download the free CoffeeShop Sweet Baby Dreams B&W LR preset. This preset is for Lightroom and will not work in Photoshop/PSE.

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  1. The download isn't working for me. Can you help?

  2. I didn't upload this as a zipped file like normal, so I went ahead and zipped it up. Now it should work fine!

  3. how do I download it for lightroom?

  4. This link isn't working


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