Saturday, November 16

Christmas Shopping and "Real" Boys

I have to confess I really don't like to shop, especially for other people.  I have enough trouble deciding what I want, and I am sure I pick the absolute worst gifts for friends and family.  The kind of gifts they drop off at the Purple Heart truck in front of  Walmart the day after Christmas.  I  really lack the gift-picking gene.

However, I do love to buy presents for my boys and nieces/nephews.  I usually know what they want and since they are kids their gifts are simple and affordable since I usually stick with books/games.

My boys are pretty much "all boy".

This is on the shelf on our library/school room/eating room/piano room.  Right now the boys love finding and digging up artifacts like these skulls.

However, they are also really into origami and I have a million paper planes/dinosaurs/butterflies/cranes/etc. all over the house.  I am constantly picking them up and tossing them in the recycle bin but unfortunately they already bred and new ones pop up everywhere. They are kind of like roaches.  ;-)

I do most of my shopping at B&N book store and online at Amazon.  My orders from Amazon get delivered to my husband's clinic because our dog HATES the UPS truck/brown suit with a passion. She is usually the most lovely laid-back dog, but if you drive a brown noisy truck or wear a poop-brown short-set she might try to kill you.

We have an invisible fence around our entire yard because it was cheaper than building a wood fence. This is usually effective, but since the UPS man comes up our drive to the porch she has free access to tear him up, so I have to keep her in most of the day when I expect packages.  Thus I send them to my husband's clinic.

My husband's manager/friend is a great guy, but very opinionated.  Lately my Christmas shopping packages have been coming in and the other day my husband opened up a box containing these books.

My dear husband came home and dropped them on my lap and said "Bob was laughing at me again when he saw this package."  I was puzzled because I couldn't figure out what was so strange about me ordering embroidery books. I order these types of  craft books all of the time (another addiction besides photography).  And after all, Bob buys weird things like new-age mosquito traps so he really doesn't have room to talk.

I asked him what was Bob's problem with my books.  My husband looked at me and said "Bob just thinks you buy strange presents for the boys."  I started laughing.  Bob thinks the ultimate present for a boy is a video game; and yes, I have purchased the boys a sewing book for kids last year and several craft books.  And both boys did help me cut/sew/stuff these pillows.  They love the sewing machine because it is a machine.  :-)

But these embroidery books were for my 10-year-old niece!

I told him not to worry, I was not corrupting his sons with evil embroidery.  Then  I completely cracked up when I saw him turn away from me and quickly text Bob to tell him that all was right in "macho-masculine boy world".

However, I did not mention to my husband that I also purchased this book and Duke was paging through it and was very interested in the tiny animal embroidery!  The penguins are really cute.

After my husband sent his "sneak" text to straighten out Bob I told him what I really purchased for the boys.  Duke is getting this Daisy air rifle and Imp is getting two of these cap guns, along with some board games. Take that Bob-the-Snob (but you do know I love you like a brother!).

I hate to tell my husband and Bob, but we live in Texas and "real" boys can shoot guns AND do embroidery and origami. ;-)

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  1. What a great fun story. :) I enjoy reading the adventures of your family. My grandson is so interested when I crochet and wanted to learn so he is now chaining until we go on to other things. hahaha

  2. Duke, my oldest, has also done some crochet! The cool thing about homeschooling my boys is that no one tells them that these things are "uncool" for boys.


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