Wednesday, August 7

Paper Airplanes and Not So Scary Movie

This is our table after there was a paper airplane attack at our house.  I couldn't capture all of the ones on the floor and the side table, but you get the basic idea of the magnitude of the mess.

Last night my dear husband and I were able to have a date night thanks to our wonderful 13 year-old neighbor who graciously kid-sat our two boys.  J lives a few houses down with his two younger brothers and parents.  Their family is probably one of the nicest I have ever met, and my boys were so excited about J watching them last night.

He brought a paper airplane and snake book and it looks like they kept busy.  I have never seen so many paper airplanes.  It was quite the circus this morning when the boys had to clean up this pile of paper before breakfast.  Planes were flying everywhere and Dad got a bit cranky.

My husband and I went to a wine bar in town last night to grab a glass of red before heading out to our movie.  We went to see The Conjuring which was rated R due to "terror".  I love a scary move and have a special fondness for anything with zombies (I am addicted to Walking Dead and get scared if we are in the woods late at night and hear strange sounds), but for some reason this non-zombie movie didn't scare me at all.  People were screaming in fear and I was trying not to laugh!

Honestly, I just find it annoying that people walk into dark, unexplored basements with a few matches to light the way to investigate scary sounds that could be a crazy, axe-welding serial killer who broke in their home (not the case in this movie) while leaving their children upstairs defenseless in their rooms.

If I were the family in this "true" story, the movie would be filmed quite differently.  I shall post a quick synopsis.

Family quietly sleeping.  Doors creak open, funny sounds, clocks stop running, smells of rotten dead things, kids screaming in their rooms in terror and Rita awakes.  Rita freaks out and grabs shotgun under bed (remember, Rita is in Texas) and quickly grabs iPad and googles how to load and use shotgun as a quick refresher course but decides not to load shotgun because might accidentally shoot herself in foot and decides to use shotgun as deadly club if necessary.

Rita grabs both boys, dog, and cell phone and drags everyone out of the house and into the car and calls husband (who is on a business trip) and yells at husband for buying stupid haunted house and then calls 911 to report possible crazy, axe-welding serial killer zombie because she does not believe in ghosts and goes to parents house to spend the night and never enters the haunted house again.

Yeah, not a really good movie, right?  Good thing there are idiots who stay in possessed, haunted houses and walk into spooky basements saying "who is down here (would you like some tea)?" while lighting the way with matches (their flashlights need new batteries, you know how that goes) and brushing spider webs off their eyelashes...

But we had a wonderful date night and the movie gave us some great laughs, which might not have happened if we had gone to see We Are the Millers which was the other choice at 8 PM.  ;-)

I want to mention that The Conjuring has excellent reviews and we are apparently the only people in the world who saw it and were not scared, so don't let this review keep you from seeing what is apparently an excellent and terrifying movie to intelligent, normal people.  :-)

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  1. Haha, I'm sure my horror movie would go something like yours. I never watch really scary movies as I am a light sleeper and have been known to lie awake for hours after hearing a little noise in the house. :)

  2. my movie would definitely be a lot more like yours. lol. And would include a call to my friendly local dispatchers to send half my family with lights and sirens to explore the basement for me. ;)


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