Sunday, August 25

CoffeeShop *Blushing Kisses*- A Make-Up Photoshop/PSE Action!

Today I wanted to post a new action, Blushing Kisses (thank Jess for the name!!!).  This is a fun little action that allows you to add custom color and gloss to lips and blush to cheeks.

I used a beautiful image from Colleen Captures Photography (Facebook) in this tutorial.  The image is perfect "as-is", but I had so much fun playing with it and adding additional color.

Download the free action toward the bottom of this post!

CoffeeShop Blushing Kisses Action Tutorial:

1.  Open your image.  I am using this beautiful portrait by Colleen Captures Photography. She doesn't need any additional makeup, but I had fun playing anyway.

2.  Start the action.  Glossy Lips:  The plastic wrap filter will pop up and you can keep the settings "as-is" or make adjustment until the lips have a nice sheen to them and then press OK.  You can adjust the opacity of this layer later, so more is better.

3.  After the action finishes you won't see any changes.  Click to select the Lip Gloss's black layer mask.

4.  Use a soft white brush at 100% opacity and normal mode to gently brush on the lips to add gloss.

Shift-Alt or Shift-Option on the black mask to see where you are adding the effect.  Repeat to remove the red background.

5.  Click on the Lip layer's layer mask and use the same soft white brush at 100% opacity to paint over the lips to add color.  The color will be dark so it is easy to see where you are adding it but will be changed later.  You can also copy your Lip Gloss layer mask to your Lip Color layer, see below.

NOTE:  Copying Layer Masks

To save time, you can copy your already painted on layer mask from the lip gloss layer to the lip color layer.  

CS users:  Alt-click on the Lip Gloss layer mask and drag it to replace the one on the Lip Color.

Photoshop Elements users:

Alt-click on the Lip Gloss layer mask and you should see something that look like this.

Select, All

Edit, Copy

 Click on the Lips black layer mask

Edit, Paste then Alt-click on the Lips black layer mask and Cmd-D to remove the selection "ants".

Now your mask has been copied!

6.  As you can see the lips are too dark.  You can change the opacity of this layer, but I usually use Soft Light Blending mode for a subtle effect.

7.  As you can see, Soft Light blending mode is perfect, but the gloss is too crazy-shiny.  BTW, I noticed that I had added too much color to the corners of her lips, so I later went back and used a soft black brush on the Lips layer mask to soften it.

8.  Adjust the Lip Gloss layer opacity to taste.  Alternatively, you can keep it at 100% opacity and use a low opacity black brush (10-50%) on selective areas to slightly reduce the effect.

9.  Add Blush:  Click to select the Blush's black layer mask and use a soft white low opacity brush in normal mode to add blush.

10.  Put this layer in Soft Light blending mode and adjust the opacity to taste.  You can also try  Color and Multiply blending modes, but I usually prefer Soft Light to add just a touch of color.

11.  You can also change the colors of the blush and lipstick.  Double click on the color boxes and pick your favorite color and adjust the opacities to taste.

I love adding subtle makeup to portraits, and I hope you enjoy using this new action!

Download the free CoffeeShop Blushing Kisses CS/PSE action.  You can also download it here.

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  1. When I run this action in PSE, after the plastic wrap part pops up and I push ok it says "the command 'make' is not an option" and "the command 'select' is not an option"/ Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Lola, start with a flattened jpg before running the action. :-)

  3. Ok I did get to select flatten image but still when I run the action I get the error. I am in PSE 8.

  4. I am in PSE 8 as well and have the same errors. For this action and Portrait Toolbox 1.0

  5. I have issues running this in PSE 8 also. I've clicked "continue" through both error boxes that pop up and then I get the plastic wrap over the entire lip gloss layer. (no black mask). Any suggestions? (I LOVE your actions!!)

  6. Wow! Thank you very much for this! looks awesome.

  7. Thank you very much, loks awesome.


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