Thursday, July 18, 2013

CoffeeShop SunFlare Texture Set 1!!!

I love sun and lens flare, whether it is captured in-camera or added later in post-processing.  I decided I wanted to learn how to make my own custom sun flare textures, and I found it was really easy using a black background, the brush tool, and the radial and motion blur filters.

I went ahead and made a small set and wanted to share them with you today.  I will also put together a step-by-step tutorial on making these types of textures in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. These are textures, not actions!

These are so easy to use.  Simply open them up like any other image in your editing program (File, open) and then drag them on top of your photo.  I put them in screen blending mode and then Ctrl-T to free transform them to fit my image.  Don't hesitate to drag them around and tilt/flip them to fit your image.  Then adjust the opacity of the sunflare texture to taste.  I also often Gaussian blur them if I think they look too artificial.

You can see the textures and settings/opacities I used for this edit in the image above.  Don't hesitate to combine a few of the sunflare textures to get your own custom look.

I really love a soft B&W tinted edit.  In this version I used my sunflare textures and the added a levels adjustment layer on top of them (no adjustment, soft light blending mode-83% opacity for small contrast boost), and then added a color fill layer (f5f034) on top (Color Blending mode, 100% opacity). I really love this version.

The step-by-step tutorial on creating these types of textures will be up by this weekend, so please come back and visit! But until then, please download my free set.

Download the free CoffeeShop Sunflare Textures Set 1. You can also download it here.

NOTE:  These are not actions!!!

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  1. Thank you! I've been loving sunflares lately and these are wonderful! You are awesome!

  2. Thanks so much, Rita. I love your sun flares!

  3. You have got to be kidding me! I have been looking fr a good sun flare, all day yesterday, and now here they are, you must have read my mind!!!!! Thank you!

  4. Hi Rita, when using the sunflare is it supposed to cover the entire image? As in you free transform it to cover the entire image? I tried it and put it sort of in the corner with the blending mode to screen but then you could see the outer rectangle of the sunflare you know what I mean? I tried masking some of it off but it didnt' look right. And ideas what to do? Thanks ;)

  5. Thank you!!!! And Menoo, yes, you probably want to drag the sunflare to cover the entire image unless you have the opacity layer dialed down quite a bit. :-)

  6. These are gorgeous! Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks for the sun flares. They look like fun to experiment with!

  8. Rita can I use these on a vertical image? I have a group photo but its vertical and I"m not sure how to do it, when I stretch it a lot it looks all weird. Thanks!

  9. How do i remove the black areas in photoshop elemesnts?

    1. If you use them in screen blending mode the black disappears. :-)


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