Wednesday, July 31

CoffeeShop Sun-Kissed Butter Photoshop/PSE Action!!!

Today I am posting for download the free CoffeeShop Sun-Kissed Butter Photoshop/PSE action!  If you want to read the Action UnWrapped step-by-step tutorial please click here.

CoffeeShop Sun-Kissed Butter Action Instructions:

Run the action on a flattened image.  Please read this tutorial for additional tips/tricks on doing this edit.

This is what you will see when you finish running the action.

To add some directional light, make your background color black and your foreground color a nice peachy/orange (I used #f3c77a).  The action should set this for you, but if it doesn't then you can do it manually.

Click G to get your gradient tool and make sure you select the orange foreground to black background option.

This is how Photoshop should be set up.

This is how PSE should be set up.

Now we will add some lighting "magic".  Make sure Layer 1 is active, and click on the top area where you want the light to start and drag down where you want the light to end.  As you can see in the screenshot above, I had the gradient tool selected and started at the top upper-left corner and dragged it down diagonally across her body.  Play around with the tool until you get a nice glow.  

You can adjust the opacity of  this layer, but I kept it at 100% because I like some haze.

Go back and adjust each layer's opacity if needed, and use the layer masks if you want to remove part of the enhancements.  Have fun!  Please read this tutorial for additional tip/tricks.

Download the free CoffeeShop Photoshop/PSE Sun-Kissed Butter action.  You can also download it here.  These links directly download to your computer.

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For complete info on installing all of my actions, click here.


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