Friday, June 28

CoffeeShop MoonLit Fairy Dust Tutorial/Action: Part 2!

Today is Part 2 of my MoonLit Fairy Dust Tutorial!  Please read Part 1 first, you can also download the action and fairy dust brush/texture in that post.  Note:  If you downloaded the file yesterday, it did not include the free fairy dust brush, so you might want to download it again.

I am going to show you two ways I add fairy dust to my images. One uses my fairy dust brush/texture, the second uses a custom designed fairy dust "trail" brush.

Here is a "before" and "after" image following my tutorial posted by Diane on Facebook.

The image I used in this tutorial was generously donated by Becky.

CoffeeShop MoonLit Fairy Dust Tutorial, Part 2:

Here is my image from yesterday.

I am going to add more warmth to the light.  Click to select the top Color Fill 1 layer and use a soft black brush (start with 20% opacity) to gently brush over the light and the area in front of her face.  Continue to do this until you feel the light looks perfect.  If you make a mistake, use a soft white brush to remove the warmth.

First Method to add fairy dust:

I am going to show you both ways I add fairy dust.  This first method uses a Photoshop/PSE brush or fairy dust texture.  Both are included in the download here.  They are both identical, but I know some of my readers don't like using brushes or textures, so I hope to make everyone happy.  ;-) You can also use any fairy dust brush you find on the web.

If you are using the brush, create a new layer on top, make the foreground color the color you want the fairy dust (I made it a light pink), set your brush to 100% opacity, and click to add the fairy dust.  You can add more if you want, and adjust the brush size to taste.

If you are using the texture, grab the top layer (the white fairy dust) and drop it on your image, and Ctrl-T it to fit.  The black layer is only there so you can see the fairy dust, don't drag it on your image! If you want to change the color, simply group a Color Fill layer over the dust layer.

Photoshop Users:  Double click on your fairy dust layer and select Outer Glow and adjust the size and opacity up to taste.  This add a lovely subtle glow.

PSE Users:  Click to select the fairy dust layer and then go to Layers, Style Settings and select Glow, Outer, and adjust the size and opacity.  This adds a lovely subtle glow.

To add more glow, copy the fairy dust layer, turn off outer glow, and add some Gaussian Blur.  Now your fairy dust is very ethereal!

Second Method to add a trail of fairy dust:

If you want to add a custom trail of fairy dust, this is really easy in Photoshop and PSE.  The directions for PSE users are after the Photoshop instructions.

Photoshop Users Only!  See below a few screenshots for PSE settings.    Open your brush presets and select a normal round brush.  Adjust the hardness around 40%, and the spacing around 180%.

Click Shape Dynamics and adjust the size jitter to 100%.

Click Scattering and adjust the scatter to 1000%

Click Transfer and adjust the opacity jitter around 60%.

Drag the brush over your image and then add some outer glow as I did in the first edit (see directions above). Slightly Gaussian blur the fairy dust if you want.

PSE Users:  You can also make a custom scatter brush.  Click on Brush Settings and play around with them (use the settings I used in the Photoshop section above to start, however they are not a exact conversion) until you see the effect you want.  Add the fairy dust to a new layer on top, and if you want to change the color simply group a color fill layer over the new fairy dust layer.  Then add some outer glow as done in the first part of the tutorial for PSE.

You can also Gaussian blur your fairy dust if you want.

You will probably want to play with the light in this type of edit to show direction, so take a low opacity soft black or white brush and  paint over the Color Fill 1 layer mask to add/remove warmth, and the Fairy Light layer mask to add/remove light so your fairy dust appears to be going in a direction rather than just appear scattered about.

You can also erase some of the fairy dust if it is on top of something in your image to give the appearance it is going behind something.

I hope you have as much fun editing using this tutorial as I did!  Download the action/brush/texture on this post.  I want to thank Becky for allowing me to use this lovely image.  I had so much fun doing this edit.

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  1. LOVE this action, seriously so magical! Thanks again for all you do! :)

  2. I so love this... Can't wait to try it.. Thank you

    1. I would love to see what you do with it!!! You could post your finished image on my Facebook page. :-)


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