Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Get Out And Vote!

I have voted in every Presidential election since I was legally able to participate, but it wasn't until 2001 that I really started paying attention to the world and not just blindly voting.

My husband and I are news-addicts and have been following this race since it began, so we early-voted the first day we could in Texas.  Yes, we are geeks...  ;-)  We brought along the kids so they could experience the process.  Duke "helped" me vote and Imp "helped" Daddy vote.  Imp received a "I voted" sticker and Duke did not, and there was a mini-war because of this.

They always tell you that each presidential election is the most important one in your life, but I believe that this time they are right.  This election determines the future direction of our country, and I am honored that I was able to participate.  I believe we live in one of the greatest countries on earth and I want my boys have the same pride and love for their country that my husband and I share.

So please get out and vote, especially if you are voting for my guy.  ;-)

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  1. I voted this morning after dropping my daughter at school. Even the majority of my state votes opposite of my political views, and "my guy" has no chance of winning my state, I still believe it is my duty and my right to vote.

  2. You are completely right Mark! You have to vote what you believe; not what your neighbor, friend, relative, state, etc. wants you to vote.

  3. Every vote counts, even when your state is already decided. Especially if you vote for a third party, because if they receive 5% of the popular vote they are eligible for funding for the next campaign season. Always vote, even when you feel like your voice will get lost. It matters. And there are other things on the ballot besides just the President. Those things are important too -- sometimes more important.

    I took my 4-year-old with me to vote, and he counted all the rectangles on the side for the scanner machine (there are 36) and told me how to spell "off." He was very helpful. I'm going to take my first-grader up to the polling place after school to show her what it's about. I should have waited to vote until she could come, but I didn't think about it in time, so I'll at least take her up there and let her see a ballot and start a discussion about why voting is important.

  4. so glad you took your boys - there is good research that shows that kids who remember going to vote with their parents are the most likely to vote as young adults


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