Saturday, October 20

Spartan Saturdays: Homemade Sugar Scrub!

The boys wanted to make something homemade to sell at Kid's Marketplace at CC to help earn money for a third world school, and I decided we would make homemade sugar scrub.  It is fun and inexpensive to make, and it is wonderful for your skin.  I ended up buying a few jars myself.

We made two different batches in small glass wide-mouth canning jars.  You probably should use plastic since this goes in the shower, but I loved the classic look of glass and the jars were very inexpensive.  I even designed some labels with the boys' logo (Happy Penguin).

Calming Sugar Scrub:  Fill the container with white sugar and then slowly mix in extra-light olive oil until it is fully saturated. Then mix in a few drops of lavender oil.  (NOTE:  There are some studies that suggest that you should not use lavender oil on boys.  Many essential oils can cause sensitivity and should be used with caution.)

Sugar Cookie Scrub:  Fill the container with white and brown sugar (1:1) and slowly mix in extra-light olive oil until it is fully saturated.   Then mix in some vanilla (we used a few teaspoons).

I use these sugar scrubs on my arms, legs, hands, and feet in the shower or bath (be careful, don't slip when you use it!).  I keep a jar by the sink and use the scrub gently on my face every few days or so. Your skin will glow and in summer your legs will look incredible.  The sugar is an excellent exfoliate, and the olive oil has desirable vitamins and leaves your skin silky smooth and soft.

I was very acne-prone as a teenager and younger adult, but olive oil has never broken me out.  I don't use soap on my face in the evenings at all, but mix castor oil with olive oil (1:1) and rub this on my dampened face to remove all makeup and dirt, and gently wash it off with warm water.  Many sites suggest steaming your face with a warm washcloth to remove the oil, but I skip this step and my skin is very soft and smooth and looks better than when I was using pricey face-wash creams.  I sometimes follow up with an over-the-counter retinol night cream.

I hope you enjoy making your own sugar scrub!  This would be a perfect Christmas gift that even your children could put together.  Suggest they make some for you.  ;-)

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  1. Great idea. :-) Must make some. :-) I have very sensitive skin and always buy handmade cremes on Etsy on eBay with organic ingredients. Much better and much cheaper.


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