Saturday, October 13

Spartan Saturdays - Grandma's Sweeper!

Every Saturday I am going to try to post a frugal tip that I hope you can use.  Today I wanted to brag about my BISSELL Swift Sweep Sweeper.We have several area rugs on the first floor, including a big rug under our table that has to be vacuumed daily because my boys eat like Cookie Monster.

We keep our big vacuum cleaner upstairs because we don't have any closets downstairs to store it, so we needed something downstairs to vacuum the area rugs and floor.  We originally purchased one of those small stick vacuums (Bissell 3-in-1 Vacuum ) and it was OK, but we had to deal with the noise and annoying cord.  So we moved that upstairs and it is the boy's vacuum cleaner.

I remembered my grandmother using a sweeper back in the days and was curious if they still make them.  I searched Amazon, found they still exist, immediately purchased one, and found it works great!  I am shocked how well it cleans short to mid-length carpets (especially area rugs and door rugs) and it even works on our bare floors.  It is silent (no electricity), easy to use, solid (metal), and picks up an amazing amount of dirt, hair, crumbs, tiny legos, etc.  It works better than my lightweight vacuum and doesn't need replaceable filters.

Once you are finished cleaning you just dump the stuff out of the bottom.  The sweeper also includes a tiny comb that sticks on the handle that you use to comb off any threads or hair on the brush.

If you have pets, kids, or messy husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends and non-shaggy rugs, you should check out this little sweeper.  I use it daily and I love its simplicity; my frugal nature really loves that it uses no electricity, is well built, and works better than my lightweight vacuum.  It reminds me of simpler times visiting with my grandparents.

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  1. I used to have one of those... not sure what ever happened to it. I remember loving it's simplicity, and how well it worked. Maybe it's time to pick up another for my area rugs. Thanks for the reminder!


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