Tuesday, September 18

Coffee With Heather: Party Time!

My sister Heather is a creative genius (and the co-owner of our design business) and told me all about her daughter's birthday party and I told her she had to write up a post for my blog.  My kids are lucky to get pizza with their grandparents on their birthday, so I am feeling a bit jealous and like a loser mom.   Maybe I can get her to host my boys' birthdays this year...  They would probably beg her to adopt them.

Now on to Heather (my biggest fan , sweet sister, and best friend).  Happy Birthday Heather (today) and Happy Birthday Madelyn (who shares my birthday)!


Hi!  I am Rita's "lil" sister Heather.  I work with Rita at CoffeeShop Designs where I create logos, blog  headers and marketing materialsI also love to design other things like birthday invitations.  Here is the one I designed for my daughter Madelyn, who just turned 9!

The theme was a “flower garden party”.  It was, of course, an all girl party, so everything was decorated with a pastel, sugary, whimsical theme.  The main activity consisted of painting flower pots and planting a flower in them. As I received the R.S.V.P.'s, I asked that all of the girls wear "something old". Prior to the girls' arrival, I laid out the paint and provided each girl with a jar of water and a paper towel, so they can easily clean brushes before changing colors.  Since everything was ready before the girls arrived, not much supervision was needed. The girls were "set free'! They sat around a large table, all facing each other and went to work with their small, free-flowing artistic hands, creating colorful, whimsical designs on their pots. While the girls were waiting for them to dry, they decorated miniature wooden bird houses with feathers, flower stickers, and markers.  Though dreary outside, their animated conversations overflowed the room with sunshine.    

The party was a hit!  Look below for party ideas, and feel free to use these ideas for your next birthday party (:  I want to add a lot of thanks to my sister-in-law, Jessica, who helped with her added creativity, in making this happen!

Garden Flower Party


garden pasta salad (can make the day before)

ingredients- 1 box of rainbow colored rotini pasta.  Dice and add the following veggies: a tomato, a green and red pepper, and a cucumber.  Add Italian dressing and place in fridge.  All ready now for your party tomorrow!

worms in a blanket

ingredients- 4 cans of crescent rolls and a package of lit'L beef smoky sausages.  Simply wrap up a sausage in each crescent roll and put in the oven.   

fruit kabobs

ingredients- I used red and green grapes and alternated a grape with cantaloupe and pineapple.


ingredients- made from scratch with butter cream icing and confetti rainbow sprinkles.  My sister-in-law and my daughter made the flower ornaments for the cupcakes.  Click here for a tutorial on how to create them.


flower pot painting

items used- terra cotta pots and outdoor-use acrylic paint.

bird house decorating

items used- I purchased wooden miniature birdhouses from a craft store. I set out glue, tons of plain and sparkly flower stickers, multicolored feathers (these were a hit ), and markers to decorate.


items used- wheelbarrow (or anything cute to put the soil in), gardening gloves, a few shovels, the pot that was painted, and flower plants for each party attendee and birthday child.

Party Favors
 My sister-in-law Jessica made the party favor bags.  Each flower bag contained the following: a hair clip, pencil, hand made flower pen, small notebook and lots of jolly ranchers!

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  1. Dang, wish I was there to party too!

  2. Such clever ideas for a nine year old! I wish I was artistic like that. Awesome invitation and photos!


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