Wednesday, August 29

Two boys plus one is fun!

My sister Heather is visiting with her adorable 8 year old daughter and equally adorable 3 year old son. Heather also home schools and does Classical Conversations.  In fact, this will be our first year in CC and both Heather and Amanda of Everyday Elements are the reason we am doing it.

Heather and the kids have been staying with us and it has been crazy fun.  The older kids want some alone time to hang out and play battleship, and the younger ones think any attention is good attention. Hit your cousin on the head with a block and she is yelling at you - fun!!!

Heather and her daughter are having a girl's day out today and I am staying at home with the boys.  I have decided Duke should be put up for big brother sainthood. I found Duke on the couch, covered in little biting, kicking little boys and he still had a smile on his face.  That kid is so tolerant and takes after his dad. Imp takes after me...

Needless to say, I haven't had time to blog, but I will be back by tomorrow.  School officially starts next week in our house and we are enjoying our last week of freedom.

Now I just have to convince Heather to let me adopt her little one.  I loved watching My Three Sons when I was a kid; I need a third boy.  :-)

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