Wednesday, July 25

Checking In

Have blogs to design, blog posts to write, and a house that needs to be cleaned (and still has unpacked boxes taking up some valuable floor space), but went to the park this morning instead.  My boys are growing up so fast and I don't want them to only remember mom glued to her computer/phone working.

If you haven't seen this yet, please go read this post called How to Miss a Childhood.  It really opened my eyes (and made me feel even more guilty of course).

What is about this Mommy-Guilt???  Even stay-at-home moms such as myself feel that they don't spend enough time with their kids.  And I constantly have older couples smiling at my boys and telling me that I better enjoy it because they don't stay small forever.  Thanks for the additional guilt...

I have said it before and I will stay it again; women can do it all, but not at the same time.  Time is quickly slipping away and I get so busy and caught up with needless worries that I am afraid I am going to wake up one morning to an empty house and wonder why I stressed so much about the messy yard and house, piles of dirty laundry, unfinished jobs, unwritten letters, and monthly bills when I had two little amazing miracles begging for me to just stop working already and play with them.

Midlife crisis? Maybe.  I wish I were like a man and could just go buy a flashy car and ogle 20 to 30-somethings at the beach.  But I would feel guilty wasting the kid's college fund and worry about high car insurance rates and that the 20-something I was admiring was really only 13...  No, I am going to spend my time having a nervous breakdown because I bought into the idea that I could do it all even thought I know it is a complete lie.

The kids have vacation bible school each evening this week and that means date-night with my husband the rest of the week.  I am really looking forward to it.  I know he will talk some sense into me.  Or convince me we both need corvettes.  ;-)


  1. I loved this post. I was actually just getting ready to write my own about how I have to go back to work my full time job in 6 days and how just as I think I'm getting the hang of this 'stay at home mom' gig I have to leave my daughter to go to work once again. I wasn't sure how to tie the post together in a neat little bow, but oh my gosh - the mommy guilt is what's working in full swing here. We were finally taking some time today to step away from the computer screen and enjoy life which made me realize how FAST the summer goes. Totally rambling here now -- just wanted to say thank you.

  2. You're not alone in any of these thoughts. Everything that I've got my mind and hands on tend to overwhelm me in the balance of motherhood, too.

    No answers, really.

    And I am always feeling the guilt over everything I do that pulls my attention from them {even though they drive me batty with their boy'ish'ness sometimes - boogers and bodily noises get really old after the first minute :: not to mention their arguing, wrestling that leads to arguing and all that energy that they have and I do not}.

    Hang in there, momma :)

  3. Thank you for this! I agree it is so important to get rid of distractions. One great speaker I heard at a college youth retreat had a motto- "Be Here, Now." That has been my mantra this week; it is so easy to get swept away with distractions that don't even matter! I would much rather live in the moment, with my husband and my son.

  4. It is the fussing and the constant reminders to put dirty clothes in the hamper that makes our children good adults, I believe. If we didn't have those moments, they wouldn't have a realistic look at the world.

    You know what? We always make do. Think about it. We always make it through our situations, the worse for wear. We may not have everything we WANT, but, I guarantee you, we have all we NEED! LOL

    Thanks for sharing this!


  5. This is so true!!! No matter how much time we spend with them, we still feel guilty. And, I do find myself distracted with technology too much.

    This past month I did wise up some, and now when I go to the pool with the kids - I actually get in with them! LOL


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