Monday, June 18

Nothing Like a Last Minute Trip!

So it was Father's Day and the boys and I decided we needed to drag Daddy away for 24 hours.  See, he works six days a week and is a bit burned out and he needed some fun.

So we decided Sunday late morning to head out to San Antonio and we were on the road by 1 PM. We went to Natural Bridge Caverns (the boys first visit to a cave), the Alamo, and had dinner and drinks on the Riverwalk.  We stayed at my favorite haunted hotel, the Menger, and once again didn't see any ghosts.  We headed back the next morning after a wonderful breakfast so Daddy could go back to work that afternoon.

It was only 24 hours, but we had a wonderful time.  I think we have convinced Daddy we need more of these mini-vacations.  He works too hard.

I love car trips, don't you?

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  1. I stayed at The Menger when I went to San Antonio for a conference a while back. It was awesome - but we also did not see any ghosts. I was only there for two nights, but would love to go back to explore some more!

  2. AW, home sweet home! Love our trips downtown. We live here but the girls still think it's fun everytime. Glad you guys had a great time.

  3. So cool you have been there Sue! And Melody, how lucky you are to live there. I love San Antonio.

  4. We did that this weekend too! Just jumped in the car on Sat morn and drove 4 hrs to Savannah GA. A 24 hour trip but we packed in as much fun as we could before having to drive home. Everyone needs mini-vacays! Keeps us sane.

  5. Greta, how funny! I agree, those short trips are so much fun and actually quite relaxing. You don't have to plan much for them. R

  6. We loved the Menger too -- no ghosts for us either :-) Living in Austin we get to SA often and enjoy it.

  7. Ghosts love should take me with you next time! One day I want to visit the Alamo too! My brother lived in San Antonio very briefly so I never got a chance to get out there!


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