Tuesday, June 26

Baby, it is hot here!

We are having a major heat wave in my little town in Texas (heat index 105-110) and I am considering moving to Alaska.  Really.  Or maybe just a summer house in Iceland.  I knew I should have married for money rather than love. But he was so cute with his OP shorts, suspenders, and penny loafers. 80's love...

So I had the brilliant idea we would go to the park early (for us) to beat the heat.  We drove the eight minutes to our favorite park just after nine this morning, stepped out of the glorious arctic a/c of our car, and were welcomed by Mr. Sun.

We decided to check out the new dog park even though our dog Blackberry is still living with Nanny and Papa because we don't have the funds to fence in our backyard.  I checked the temperature on my phone and it was 92 with a "feels like" 101.  My phone was obviously lying because it felt like 120.

We made it to the dog park and it was really nice.  Note to self, bring dog next time (in October).

We stopped twice for a bathroom break (three cups of coffee this morning...) and at least 10 times at the water fountain.  And this was in 15 minutes.

Ah, finally we made it to the playground and noticed that the park was pretty empty.  Most Texans are smart and avoid going outside all summer.  I am not the brightest bulb in the pack.

Less than one hour from the time we stepped out of the car the boys were begging to go home and play Uno in the house.  The same boys who will play outside in the dirt for hours.  Yep, it was that hot.  But we all did get a free sauna.

I write this from my air-conditioned office-playroom-guest room-junk room-craft room-workout room.  I do love canned air.

Not loving the fact it is June and it is already this hot.  Thank goodness for our new YMCA membership and their giant cool germ-filled pool.  Now that the boys finally got over their sickness from our last visit it is time to go back and get reinfected.  ;-)  You know, a few days soaking in that pool is worth a few weeks of sickness.

It is that hot.

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  1. Oh yeah, it's that hot. We haven't hit 100 yet, but we've got the wildfire smoke to go with the 97 degrees.

  2. Our thermometer was reading 116 degrees at 11:00 a.m. today here in Arizona. It's been over 113 for the past 8 days! I feel your pain!

  3. You're a hoot..love your personality and way with words! stay cool girl.

  4. Can we swop? I'm in Germany and summer has not arrived yet....been cold and miserable. Went to Italy for some sunshine as I need it. I'm a girl from South Africa and sunshine and heat is in my blood. Lacking in Vit D living here.

  5. I live in Texas too and yes it is way too hot for me!! I have 3 boys going crazy inside!!!

  6. I am just thankful we are not having fires and the severe drought (yet) that we had last year. I can deal with heat (a/c), but fires scare me to death! R

  7. this was a fun read : )
    i use to live in texas many years ago in the houston area. i could never have my son's birthday party outside because it was just to darned hot in august...i know exactly what you are talking about!

  8. We've had rain, rain, and more rain, so I'm feeling a little envious of your heat. I keep looking longingly at our backyard pool, wishing I could soak in it but it's still too cold. (And the pool heater is broken.) My husband thinks it's nuts having a pool in the Pacific Northwest, since we really only get to use it for a couple of months in the year, but those months sure are better with a pool!

  9. ohhhhh thats really too HOT !!!!!!

  10. Wow, that is hot!
    80s love, lol.
    Adorable boys!!

  11. Love it! Such a fun post! We, too, live in the land of hotness... Texas heat is a killer! Especially with four little ones at home who don't even want to go outside to play! We will be hitting our gym "germ" pool today! :)

  12. Your oldest son looks so much like my youngest son!


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