Tuesday, April 3

These Boys of Mine...

I didn't take any bluebonnet pictures last year because of the drought and lack of pretty flowers, but this year we ran out to our old house to snap a few pictures.  It was a bittersweet moment for me because it is unlikely the new owners will deal with the months of weeds after the bluebonnets bloom, waiting for them to seed.  So I imagine they will probably get mowed down this year...

I had to beg my husband not to do that yearly, so I might miss the bluebonnet field but I won't miss the months of my husband cursing under his breath at me every weekend when he had his mower out, ready to go.  ;-)

So I was excited to get a nice photo, and unfortunately the image above was pretty much the best of the bunch.  They did not want to be photographed because they wanted to go run and play.  But you know, I think I like this better than fake smiles.

Sorry I haven't been around so much the last weeks.  We are still moving the last bits of stuff (junk) from the old house  every weekend and then I have to find room for it in the new house (which has less storage space) and I get frustrated and stressed with the whole process and end up going to the park or local festivals with the family or watching TV to avoid doing any real work.

Who doesn't like a wine festival?

I have a few things I will be posting, so keep me bookmarked!!!

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  1. Love those faces! That is exactly the look I get from my boy, and he is sixteen!

  2. Love the look on their faces!! I know what you mean, better than fake smiles for sure!
    We are moving next month too and I am dreading every moment of it! I would like to think that I am going to be like your sister and get rid of stuff, but I know I won't!!
    Thanks for all that you do.

  3. I miss Texas Bluebonnets =) I wouldn't worry about them being mowed down since it is illegal to do so in Texas (I am assuming that is where your old house is). It's also illegal to pick them. They do make for wonderful pictures. I am partial to the Indian Paintbrushes though. They are my favorite! It's even more beautiful when you find the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes mixed in together!


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