Thursday, February 9

Where did all of this junk come from???

I wanted to thank you for your encouragement and kind comments here and on Facebook about my move.  Everyone has to deal with moving, and I don't think anyone really enjoys the extra work involved.  Except maybe my middle sister.

I called her with my "poor me, I have to move, waa waa waa" and she reminding me that she had just moved last year.  And she went on to say "I really like to move because I can get rid of stuff I don't need."  Darn pollyanna sister.  ;-)

Who knew I had so much junk?  We are going to have the movers move the big stuff (furniture).  But this time I am not going to just throw everything in boxes and bring it with me.  I decided to move everything else room-by-room, and I am making a keep, donate, throw pile for each area.

This sounded really great in theory (like so many of my "brilliant" ideas), but now I have piles of stuff EVERYWHERE!  So today I am shifting the piles to the edges so the movers can move the furniture.  I spend most of my time shifting my junk which does not seem so productive.  I need my sisters to come down and help me toss stuff.  It is going to take weeks for us to move everything.

And why in the world do I have so many books???  They are heavy!  And what do you do with old computers/hard drives that you aren't using anymore?  Is there anyway to really delete everything off the drives?

To keep things in perspective I have been rereading one of my favorite books, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.   It was written in the 40's, but it has some of the best quotes and it really helps me when I am feeling stressed.  I actually bought a few copies for some of my family members, it is that good.

So hopefully in a week or so we will be settled and I can get back to homeschooling and blogging.  I love my normal boring life.  The first action I hope to release is the one I have named Luminous Color Burst.  I just need to finish writing the action instructions.  I really love this action and can't wait to post it up here.

I wrote this post today just to avoid working on the move.  But I am going to  grab one more coffee and help the kids pack up their toys now.  Or watch the last bit of Downton Abby I taped on Sunday.  That is one of the best shows I have ever seen and a great way to avoid packing.  Just don't tell my husband.  ;-)

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  1. hang in there! We have moved so many times (about 10 in 15 years--yuck!) and I hate it every time. but your pollyanna sister really is right. You will be so thankful when you get rid of all your toss and give piles and only have to move the stuff you really want. And that new action is beautiful!

    good luck!


  2. we just moved back in Oct, from a 1500 sq.ft. house to a 3000 sq. ft. house and we had PLENTY of stuff to fill the larger house! I did toss a lot of stuff, and donated a lot of stuff, and i STILL have junk everywhere that needs to be gone. Most of it is the "good" stuff that I am trying to sell online. I feel your pain....Moving stinks and takes FOREVER to get back to normal!

  3. I so do not envy you. I detest moving too and amazed at what pack rats we become...for me on my last move was finding so many craft supplies. Was hard to part with some of it....Good luck with your move. I will pray you get to the bottom of it soon. Love, Ry

  4. Moving is hard, especially when you have been somewhere a long time. I've moved MANY MANY times in my life and it's still such an undertaking. Just wanted to say thanks for all you do to provide great free "goodies" for everyone :) Looking forward to your new action!

  5. Laughing...only because I really know your pain. Here is our path in the last 25 years: Dallas> Kansas City> St. Louis> Jacksonville, moved again while here> Kansas City> to where we are now. And, I still have loads of stuff :/

  6. I have moved several times, too, and gotten rid of stuff but somehow more seems to find me! LOL I must have a magnet inside me that attracts *stuff*! Good luck with the move!

  7. Good luck witht he move! Not my favourite thing to do - time accumulates so much "stuff"!
    Love the new action - can't wait!!

  8. we've had 9 moves in 13 years. we just moved to south korea. i agree with your sister. it helps us get rid of things. i still hated myself a little bit though when all the boxes showed up this time!!

  9. Seems like a lot of us are feeling empathy for you! Me included! Just think of it as a cleansing process, lots of stuff you didn't know you needed of had can be gotten rid of. Every time I move I feel like I am starting over in that way. A huge spring cleaning.

  10. I can sympathize with you. We will be moving in the next month and I too cannot believe all the stuff! Books are very heavy; I agree. Good luck in your new home.

  11. I am getting married in March and soon after we will hopefully have our first home too! I am dreading the move but I better get used to it because my fiance is in the coast guard and we will be moving all the time. Maybe I can pick up some moving pointers from you. This action is amazing! I can't wait to get to use it.

  12. heehe...we do accumulate a lot of junk don't we!?! hang in there'll have a beautiful home in the end I'm sure. and omgosh to the new action...I can't wait to get it..the sneak peek is awesome!


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