Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pretty Presets Lightroom Brushes

Laura of Pretty Presets just sent me her newest set of Lightroom Brushes and I have spent part of the morning playing. I have never used Lightroom brushes and graduated filters (other than the few included with LightRoom), and the ones from Pretty Preset are amazing. And they are only $20!!!  Editing with brushes in LightRoom is similar to using adjustment layers and layer masks in Photoshop and allows you to spot edit parts of your image.  I am going to let Laura tell you all about them.


I would like to introduce you to our new Custom Lightroom Brushes and Graduated Filters. These brushes and filters will make your job in Lightroom easier. They give you the ability to edit specific parts of your photo instead of applying a preset over the entire image. These have become our best selling collections pretty quickly. These can be used in all the current Lightroom versions 1, 2 and 3 and can be applied to RAW and jpeg pictures. This set is amazing on babies too! Click here to view more about the brushes including a video on how they can be used in Lightroom.

Brushes used: Brighten the Face, Soften the Skin, Fix the Red, then Baby Feet and under eyes. Thank you JAS Photography for sharing this beautiful edit with us!

Brushes Used: Blue Eyes and Rose Filter. Thanks to Reminisce Studio Photography by Chiante Black for sharing this beautiful edit.

Brushes used: BR Fix Red all over the baby, Fix Baby Feet on the lower eye and then Brighten and Soften Skin. Thank you JAS Photography for sharing this beautiful edit.

Brushes used: BR Blue Eyes and Warm Haze. Thanks to Reminisce Studio Photography by Chiante Black for sharing this beautiful edit.

What Photographers are saying about our brushes...

"♥ LOVE ♥LOVE ♥LOVE the new brushes. I had a blast playing with them this evening! Thanks so much your presets are the bomb!!!"

"Your brushes saved my bacon again today!! The newest shot I was working on had sunlight filtering through little boy fingers making it appear as though he had red nail polish on....not really what I was going for!! Enter in a few brushes and voila all fixed quick and easy like!"

"Can I say easy....I use Lightroom and Photoshop normally but with these new brushes I can do all edits in Lightroom in Raw no less"

"So happy I got your new brushes set today! I just love how they helped reduce the redness of "stork bites" on this little one! Thanks for your amazing products!!"

"Good news is the brushes and filters are so easy in Lightroom. I had never used the brushes until I bought these ones learned in 15 minutes"

"At $20.00, this is a steal!! Not even a dollar a brush!! What will you waste 20 bucks on this week, which you could instead invest into your business/craft to make work flow easier and less time consuming? Yeah...I am a believer!!"

Would you like to learn more about our lightroom brushes or presets? We would love share more with you! Please come visit us at www.lightroompresets.com. We look forward to working with you!

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