Friday, February 3

{Friday Photo Bliss}

Inspired by the SouleMama blog's {this moment}, I am posting one image every Friday, taken recently, that really makes me happy. If you end up doing the same I would love to see your photo linked in my comments!

Most women have pretty flowerbeds in their backyard.  I have a custom-designed pond, perfect for army guys and the dog.  Thanks boys...

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  1. I usually have some kind of hole dug going to china? Who knows?, but at one point all you could see was the top of my 11 yr olds head! Dad did make him fill some of it back in for safety reasons. My older boy never REALLY dug in the dirt, but my younger one, thinks he's a tractor or something! LOL!

  2. Doreen, that is hilarious! Hole dug to China, hee hee.

  3. I'm trying to do a photo every day! I'm thinking posting 1 every Friday would be much easier. BTW, I love all of your templates!


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