Sunday, January 8

CoffeeShop Vintage Frames 21!

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I made some new vintage frames!  The CoffeeShop Vintage Frames 21 set contains 3 frames; and this time I included both a layered psd file with clipping masks for Photoshop/PSE users and also a png version where you just drop your image below the frame.  The png version can be used in any editing program.

If you use the layered version, you can add your own custom papers/colors to the frames, and adjust the drop-shadow.  I also wanted to share a little trick I use with you.  When I make a black clipping mask for vintage frames, I drag it on top of the frame and then gaussian blur it (3 or so). That way the edges are a bit soft and the image looks like it was printed on the paper.

I made these frames using the { symbol.  I picked a font (I can't remember which one, sorry!) and then added the pointed edge with the arrow shape, and then used the warp tool to adjust it.  I then made a brush set which I included in the download.

To get a similar effect, make a new white document, add a new layer, and use the marquee tool to make a black box in the middle.  I included a brush to do the top and side, just copy them and flip them to use them on the other two sides.  Make a new layer for each brush side.

You are going to have to change the spacing on the brush to get this effect.  I have screenshots of both PhotoShop and PSE below to show you where you make this adjustment.   Adjust the spacing, and then click on one end of the frame with the frame edge brush, and then hold shift and click on the other end of the black frame and you will get the frame effect seen in the image above.

Download the CoffeeShop Vintage Frames 21 Set!  You can also download it here.

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  1. Thank you. They're beautiful.

  2. These are fantastic!! I love the photo you used of your son with his head facing up! It's gorgeous, all that warm sunlight!!!

  3. Thanks for these! I've been wanting to ad a vintage frame to a scan I have of my dad as a toddler. I'm sure the original photo had those edges but my scan doesn't.

  4. Awesome work Rita, these Vintage Frames are wonderful.

  5. These frames are fantastic and truly appreciated. I am a fanactic for brushes because off their vbersatility, so this hits the spot. Thank you for everything. Hugs. ;)


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