Thursday, October 13

Coffee Chicks

Am I the only mom out there who has kids who build lego outside coffee cafes for their chicks (no kidding, I just photographed this one) or wine bars out of wooden blocks?

I was drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day and completely happy (if a bit jumpy at times), when my sister and mother introduced me to Teeccino Herbal Coffee (the price on the link is for 3 bags). At first I almost gagged (seriously). Who in the world would drink herbal coffee???  Isn't the point of coffee the caffeine?  I have two boys for goodness sakes!!!

My Mom, who has reflux, can't drink coffee anymore and had an extra bag of hazelnut Teeccino. So I decided to give it a try. After all, I do get tired of waking up like a zombie until I have my coffee each morning.

Well, I have to say that I love it!  I don't think it is as delicious as real coffee (when brewed straight), but I mix it with 25-50% real coffee in the morning (this is actually better than real coffee, nice and smooth) and have it straight at night for a nice treat.  Now I can drink "coffee" whenever I want.  I use a coffee press when I drink straight Teeccino since I don't have to worry about using a filter (unfiltered real coffee can raise your cholesterol).

And Teeccino might have saved my life. I had to give up coffee completely when I was sick earlier this week, and if I had been drinking my normal 3-4 cups a day I might have gone into complete loss-of-caffeine-shock and died.  I might not be kidding.

I am not giving up real coffee, but it is nice that I have an alternate for afternoons and evenings AND also cut my morning caffeine.  Now I have to write some herbal coffee actions.  ;-)

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  1. That's really cute! My son makes some pretty interesting things with his Legos...I'm surprised I haven't seen a Starbucks in there yet!

    A note of Coffee...I have reflux as well, and I CAN NOT drink drip because the water sits in the grinds longer as it's filtering it collects more acid. HOWEVER, I can drink Espresso all day long. It has less caffeine (though not by MUCH) than drip coffee and WAY less acid since the process of espresso is that they force water through the grinds quickly. This gets the smooth flavor but leaves behind most of the acid.

    I'll have to try this though, indeed, It'd be nice to find an alternative to the high voltage joe my husband brews!

  2. Wow! That's all I can say...

    I have always enjoyed taking pictures and scrapbooking, but I have never had the opportunity to do as much as I would like to. I downloaded the trial version of PSE 10 and proceeded to google for free actions and you have the most thorough, well-explained, and generous actions out there.

    I teach elementary school and am not in a position to spend a lot of money on equipment or programs. I appreciate this precious resource that you have provided for the photography community. Thank you!

  3. My son is a Lego fanatic. He's not very good at sports but he can build a mean ship or anything you desire out of Legos. It's so cool to see what other children come up with.
    I love your blog! Not just because of the free stuff but because you're real. Thank you for all that you do. Now, if I may, do you think it's possible to make an action based off of some pictures I saw on a website called If not, that's fine. I've got most of your actions and some come close but there is just something about her sunny action that speaks to me. Up for a challenge?

  4. Love this! My son is a Lego fanatic. He just built me a Lego camera the other day ;)

    So glad you are feeling better!!

  5. That's so totally cute. I was all about cars and planes when I used to play with Lego.


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