Friday, September 9

{Friday Photo Bliss}

I am always incredibly moved by the resiliency and faith of children.  We are still threatened by the unrelenting wildfires blazing here in Texas and last night my husband and I went outside with the boys to see the gorgeous sunset due to the high amount of smoke and ash in the air.

As we stepped outside we noticed it was "snowing" ash.  Some pieces were tiny, others were entire small leaves that dissolved with a simple touch of our hand.  As we stared up at the sky in disbelief and anxiety, the boys ran out in the field catching ash in their hands as they would snowflakes.  Their eyes shone with excitement as they would bring me a beautiful leaf on their palm which would magically dissolve with a tiny touch.

Watching those two little boys of mine, just living in the moment and enjoying nature's spectacular if deadly show, helps me keep things in perspective.  I know many families are without their homes today in Texas (over 1500 at last count) and many more forced to evacuate, hoping to hear something about the safety of their home.  I know many people in Texas are in a constant state of anxiety, even if they don't live by the fires because our entire state is so dry.  Please be safe and hold your family and friends close.  We will get through this.


  1. we had wildfires here in louisiana too last week... and youre right you just have to wait it out and pray pray pray. i hope yall are safe. god bless you.

  2. i know all too well how you feel. My husband is a volunteer firefighter in the town we live in and they've been called to help with the fires in Linden, Avinger area. He's been caught twice in the fires with too tight an escape route...i just sit at home and pray he makes it out alright and home. I also pray for those in the path of the fires, because although the fighters are fighting the hardest they've fought in a long time, they cant save every house.I also pray for those already affected by the fires and those who have lost their homes and belongings....

  3. Rita,

    We are watching the news and worrying about all of the people affected by the fires! We live thousands of miles away, but we are still thinking of you. Please be safe.

  4. Thank you so much Candy, Cindy and Rebecca. And Rebecca, thank your husband for being an hero.

  5. It's very scary and very sad here in Texas. Our family lost our childhood home last week in New Jersey in the historic floodwaters of Hurricane Irene. I am grieving for that home and the memories it held. I hope a big rain storm comes in soon so no one else will lose their home.

  6. My heart goes out to your family. You have so much more courage then I could dream of to be able to keep life "normal" for your children with that threat lurking so close!


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