Monday, July 4

Happy Independence Day!!!

I have been busy with my family and getting my new iMac up and running (I am almost finished and can start working on it 100% by tomorrow!) so I haven't had time to take any photos or work on any posts.  But I wanted to wish all of my American readers a happy 4th of July!

We are in serious drought right now so no firework shows, but we spent the evening outside with the boys.   Relaxation is wonderful.  Now if we would only get some rain...

I will be back blogging this week!!!  I have tons of freebies coming your way.


  1. Happy Independence Day to you and your family as well (albeit a little late!) I'm so excited for you and your new computer!

    Thanks, again, for all the wonderful freebies and tutorials. I find myself visiting your site quite regularly, especially when I need info on something photography and/or blog related. And, a HUGE thank you for making it all free/donation based! I'm not a professional photographer, so I can't justify spending huge amounts on actions just to play. Yours are phenomenal!!

  2. Happy Independence Day to you as well. I took a video of some fireworks that I posted on my blog. I thought you might enjoy it since you didn't get to see any this year :)


  3. Oh, a link might be nice :)


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