Tuesday, May 24

Return of the Army Guys!

Since we got Maple there has been a constant war in our backyard:  Puppy vs. Army Guys.  We started with over one hundred Army Guys, but over the last year we have found their remains all over the back porch and yard. Headless Army Guys, armless Army Guys, legless Army Guys, and even a few Army Guy supports with only a foot or two attached.  Army Guys: 0, Maple 100...

So lately I have been finding a few Army Guy survivors  in my house.  They sneak in when I am not looking and show up in all types of odd places.  It is bad enough that I have to clean up after two dirty little boys, but look at the mess these two Army Guys left  in the tub.  To quote Duke, "DeeeSkusting!".


  1. I love this - made me smile this Monday morning! :) Thank you for posting.

  2. I'm in love with your army guys photos! I hope they are able to even out the score :o)


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