Tuesday, April 5

The Adventures of Ricky the Raccoon

Having lost many chickens over the years to hungry raccoons, you can imagine how excited I was to find this dog toy for Maple. 

She loves Ricky Raccoon
and plays with him hours each day.

I can't tell you how often I glance out over the backyard, see a "dead" furry body with a striped tail, and give Maple hugs and extra dog treats feel sad because I think Maple has killed a raccoon.  But no fear, it is only Ricky.

I think of it as cheap therapy (for me, not the dog)...  Anyone know where I can find a stuffed chicken snake?


  1. HeeHee...that's funny! I had a similar thing happen to me. I was heading to town and passed a neighbors house on the main road and caught a glimse of a possum on their driveway. Now, my hubby being in pest control has always said a possum/skunk out during the day is 99.9% rabid. So, me being the concerned neighbor called him to come deal with this possum because I wouldn't want the homeowner to come home with her 2 small kids to a rabid possum. (It was huge too!)

    So hubby drives in the driveway 2 minutes after I had passed it (I am on the phone with him) and he says he doesn't see it. Then he says "oh there it is...hang on, I'm gonna run it over"...2 seconds later I hear the brakes and he says "it's a freakin stuffed possum!" Oh my gosh did we laugh. So while I was in town, I stopped to talk to the husband of the lady I was concerned with at his shop. He thanked me for my concern and then proceeded to laugh his butt off!

    I saw him a few weeks ago and says the possum is still around and he's told that story to everyone! I'm not kidding either...that thing was life-sized and realistic!



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