Wednesday, March 2

5 Random Things

5 Random Things About Me:

1.  Some of my best conversations with my boys are when they are on the toilet.

2.  My favorite movie as a teen was Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I thought Charlie Sheen was really hot. My second favorite movie was Top Gun. I thought Ice Man was hot. Now they both appear to be hot messes!

3. I have been a or worked in a pet store, movie theater, grocery store, Texas Renaissance Festival, blogger, coffee shop, green house, bike repair shop, bbq hut, parking garage, vet lab, stay-at-home mom, graphic designer, office, and several science labs (not in any order and I probably missed some).

Two of my favorites; the movie theater and Texas Ren Fest.  All of the free movies and popcorn my family, friends and I could stand at the movie theater and being paid to be a wench (with a horrid fake accent) and flirt with cute guys at the Ren. Fest. while selling ice cream "with a free cherry on top".  Stay-at-home mom has been the best job of my life with the highest job satisfaction and benefits.

4.  I love to lie in our sunny field and smell the grass and dirt.  I hate when Maple the dog comes and jumps on me and tries to lick my face when I am doing this.

5.  My first kiss was on a high school camping trip to Enchanted Rock when I was 17.  The dark sky was filled with stars and it was very romantic and a bit slobbery.

I used the Dazzling preset in LR2 (no adjustment) from Pretty Presets on this image of Duke.


  1. What a very ecclectic life with lots of variety. No way to get bored that way. You are so creative I thought you would probably list graphics artist in there too. V

  2. Oops, told you I missed some!

  3. I always forget Charlie was in Ferris. I love it when Jennifer Grey looks at him and cracks her knuckles. Such a great scene!

  4. Funny Rita! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  5. This post made me smile ....really big!

    I just want to say - my first kiss was in a cemetery. LOL not romantic


    I need to get another editing program. I love (big fat puffy heart) LOVE Lightroom. But know nothing about PS or CS. I need something that I can use to make storybooks, collages and such. I was wondering - what you would recommend?

  6. LOL, you have been one busy lady.
    I am going to ask a question, but I feel stupid asking. I am just starting to learn about textures, actions and presets, my question is what are presets and how do they differ from actions?
    Please don't think I'm dumb, just don't know... :-)
    My email address is

  7. Variety is the spice of least that's what they say! Whoever "they" are! I think I've probably had well over 40 jobs in my life-with somewhere around 38 of them not doing a thing for me and the other 2 my most treasured. Loved being stay at home mom, and loved working in graphic design.

  8. Hi Rita! Thank you SO MUCH! I realise now that I've been just about completely clueless about PS actions until I stumbled upon your blog:-) And your generosity is an inspiration! THANKS AGAIN!

  9. Ferris is still quoted in our house frequently :)

    Very cute. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love this list! It totally made me smile. I think you've had more jobs than anyone I know... and I agree, stay-at-home mom definitely has the best benefits :)

  11. My life has been boring compared to yours.

    Oh, and in case I haven't told you lately, I ♥ you!

  12. Love your blog... very good, inspirational and helpful. Well done, will recommend to all! Bernice


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