Tuesday, February 8

CoffeeShop CutOuts 9: Double Border and Blog Background!

Often when I make digital frames or cards I like to have a pretty border on the bottom. I decided to create a few that I could share with you. This one is a layered .psd file and is fully adjustable. You can adjust the colors or add textured paper (as seen above, digital paper from Sassy Designs and not included with the download) or resize to fit your own design elements.

You can see a screenshot of the download below.  To change the colors simply click on the Color Fill layers.  You can also turn off the drop-shadow effect.

If you want to add digital textured paper, simply turn off or delete the Color Fill Layers and drag a texture above the layer, group it, and Ctrl-T it to fit.  You can add paper to both the top and bottom border or mix and match solid color with texture.

Don't be afraid to play!  You can make web frames like the one I posted here.  You can also customize the size, but make sure you don't go much bigger or you will lose resolution.  :-)   You can also cut out just the borders, drag them on to your own design and Ctrl-T them to fit.  There are so many ways to play with borders and I hope you find a use for it.

I even used this border to make a blog background.  I made a layered .psd file where I could change the border color and background using Color Fill layers and turn on a Drop Shadow effect.  You can download this free adjustable blog or website background HERE.  The download link for the actual borders cutouts is below.  :-)

Download the free CoffeeShop CutOuts 9:  Double Border HERE!

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  1. Thank you for being so generous with your wonderful photo templates, frames, etc. I am looking forward to enhancing my photos with your work. Again, thank you.

  2. Thanks so much! I can't wait to try them out.

  3. awesome! I have spent the past few days engrossed in your blog and am LOVING all your freebies! Once again, I'm amazed at your generosity. Coming from a newbie to all this stuff, I soooo appreciate you sharing. Your tutorials and actions have made learning so much easier - and tons of fun too!


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