Friday, January 14

{Friday Photo Bliss}

Inspired by the SouleMama blog's {this moment}, I am posting one image every Friday, taken that week, that really makes me happy. If you end up doing the same I would love to see your photo linked in my comments!


  1. I just downloaded your valentine textures and they're great. I created a card I may want to market eventually and wondered how I might purchase rights/get permission to use the texture.

    Thanks and I love your blog.

  2. Thank you Ginger! Everything on my blog can be used commercially, and you don't have to ask permission or say that they are mine.

    I just ask that people don't sell my stuff as is (for example, sell one of my textures without making any changes and calling it you own)I want to keep all of my stuff free. :-)

  3. Our moment.

  4. Wow. Where did you get it?? not the pig :D

    This is my moment, is a homework that my daughter had to do whe whe cameback to school, about her christmas in family

  5. Here is my moment:


    Your website inspires me everyday! Thank you for taking time out to teach us newbies! :)


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