Sunday, January 2

CoffeeShop Web Simple Frame PS/PSE Action!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday this last month. We had a great time
 with friends and family, but I am ready to start the new year. Imp's teeth are doing well (they are somewhat crooked now but the wounds are healed), but I am still having flashbacks of the accident. He doesn't seem to remember and is back to jumping around like a stuntman and driving me crazy. All I can do is say a little prayer and keep my fingers crossed and ask myself why I didn't have two nice little calm girls who liked tea parties and playing with dolls.  A girl who was not like me since I was a tomboy and just as bad as my two little rugrats.

I have a new web action for free download today. This one is called CoffeeShop Web Simple Frame and it is perfect to quickly ready your images for posting on your blog or website.  It resizes, sharpens, and adds a small white frame with drop-shadow to your images.

When you start the action it flattens your image and then asks what size you want your images resized for the web. Put in the final pixel width (it is preset to 600) and the length will automatically adjust. The action will then sharpen your image for the web (adjust the radius to taste) and add the frame and drop-shadow.

Adjust the drop-shadow setting if needed and save as a .jpg for posting on white backgrounds, and save as a .png for posting on backgrounds that are not white.

If you don't want your images to be stolen when you post them on the web, it is best to always watermark them and upload small versions. If you upload large images on Blogger and adjust the size to be smaller in your post, people can still access your larger image if they click on the image, unless you change the code.

I hope you enjoy this new web action! You can find all of my Web Ready actions on this page. Just page down to Web Actions.  All of my web actions work in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Download the free CoffeeShop Web Simple Frame action here.

  Do you want to download my favorite CoffeeShop Actions or Design Elements in one convenient zipped file AND help support this blog? Just click here for my action pack or here for a download of some of my most popular design elements, storyboards, and textures.


  1. LOL, I have 2 little granddaughters and neither one likes to have tea parties and play with dolls, it soccer and softball and climbing trees all the way
    Thanks for the actions, hope you have a great new years. I am so dumb when it come to all this, I can't quite figure out how to add the actions, could you please point me to a tutorial that explains it .

  2. Hi Molly! Hee hee, girls can be just as "bad". ;-) You can find my instructions for using actions here: .

  3. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [03 Jan 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  4. Thank you, Rita. I return to your website often to learn more about the creative ways to use my PSE program. Your actions are wonderful!

  5. Happy New Year! I just wanted to say thank you so much for adding my blog to your blog list -- it means a lot to me!

    Thanks and God bless!
    Tomi Ann

  6. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you generosity and talent. I use many of your actions and love them so much! You are amazing. I love reading your blog, hearing about your family, and learning new PSE skills. Your new Simple Frame Action is just what I need. Thank You!!!!

  7. Thank you- this is beautiful. I'm a huge fan and love each and every action I've downloaded- you're a doll!!!

  8. this was exactly what I've been looking for. Thank you so very, very much. Happy New Year!

  9. I still have quite a number of your actions to download and this was one of them. I followed the link from your most recent post. Thanks for sharing!

    Lisa D.


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