Sunday, January 30

CoffeeShop Frames 6: Whimsical Frames

 I have had so much fun designing digital frames and cutouts and I decided to put together a small set of whimsical "hand-drawn"  frames.  This set has three versions in layered .psd formal (open in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements). You can change the frame colors and there is a clipping mask layer to add your image.

Turn on the background if you want your frame on white.  The frame layer is the black outline of the frame.  Then you have your clipping mask layer.  Simply group your image above this layer and Ctrl-T the image to fit.  I have a tutorial posted here if you are unfamiliar with using clipping masks.

Click on the Color Fill 1 color square to change the color of the right and left sides of the frame, and on Color Fill 2 to change the colors of the top and bottom of the frame.  Finally, the string is on the top. You can change the color of the frame outline and string from black to any color simply by adding and grouping a Color Fill layer above those elements.

You can also group digital paper or textures behind the frame if you don't want a simple color. Just remove the Color Fill layers and group the paper behind both the right and left and top and bottom layers and Ctrl-T them to taste.

After adding your images merge visible and save as a .png for a transparent background.   Then drag them to your design.

I hope you enjoy playing with these.  They would be really cute in blog headers or even cards or storyboards. And like all of my free downloads on this blog, you can use these on personal or commercial projects, no credit necessary.

Download the free CoffeeShop Frames 6 Whimsical Frames HERE!

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  1. I love these! Very quirky, and I especially like that they are sketchy, to contrast with a photo. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for the frames.

    I am new to Color Fill Adjustment Layers. Do you know where I can find a tutorial on this subject? Or better yet, could you do a tutorial?

    I googled it but couldn't find a tut that shows how to create and use a color fill layer such as that shown in your example screen shot.


  3. they are great!
    thank you for sharing!

  4. love turquoise and love these - thanx!!


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