Thursday, January 6

The Adventures of Miss Pickerell and her Trusty Geiger Counter

I was going through my husband's old children books
 and found this little jewel. I used to work in a lab (BC, Before Children), so I always appreciate a good children's book about Geiger counters. They must have had problems keeping this one in the store with a title like that.  My husband's copy is well-worn, he must have read it over and over.

Doesn't everyone get excited
about uranium (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, anyone)?   And why the sheriff is wearing purple pajamas is the true mystery. I will get back with you on that in a second.

With illustrations like this, how can you resist going on Amazon and buying your own used copy? I hope the cow did not eat all of the uranium. I don't want to eat that hamburger...

Wow, I can't wait to read Chapter 11:  Trouble at the Atomic-Energy Experiment Station.  And what about Chapter 13: The Sheriff's Secret Ambition.  Maybe to go party at the Playboy Mansion (purple pajamas)?  Wait, that is my husband's Not-So-Secret Ambition (without purple pajamas of course, he prefers blue or brown).  Dream away sweetie!

I will continue this series on amazing children books from my husband's childhood in a future post.  There is a treasure trove sitting on our shelves that need to be shared!


  1. What a great find!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. "so I always appreciate a good children's book about Geiger counters."


    and wow- there are others in this series? I must find them for my own kids... ;)

  3. ok, do have a treasure there, I sometimes pull out some of my older books from the 40's and wish times where as simple and innocent now as they were then.

  4. That is just ridiculously awesome! My mom found an old kids' book in her garage about monkeys going to the moon - it's like space propaganda for new readers! Love it!

  5. wonder if that book was authored up here in my neck of the woods, ha! i'm a stone's throw, and over one little chunk of river from the Hanford site. :) we know all about uranium around here....and geiger counters...and cancer....and goes on & on.

  6. How fun, I read those as a kid...and the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books. Those were awesome!

  7. This is hilarious! As a research tech BC I too got quite a kick out of this! Thank you for the laugh!


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