Saturday, October 23

I am now on Facebook!

I have to confess I am a Facebook newbie.  Well, I finally decided to try to figure it out (is it me or is Facebook a bit confusing at first???), and I now have a fan page!  I am going to use this page to announce goodies I am going to be posting on my blog and answer questions.  And perhaps even other things once I figure out what people do on their Facebook page!  ;-)

And if there is something you are interested in seeing me post on my blog (like actions or storyboards), just drop by there and leave me a note.

If you have some hints on keeping a boisterous lab puppy from chasing your chickens and giving those chickens near heart-attacks I would love to read them!


  1. I must have just been lucky to catch you when you were new because I just assumed you were on there when I searched for you the other day! :) Hee hee! I hope you enjoy it!

  2. yay for facebook!

    as for your puppy- hes a bird retriever. good luck getting him to stop ;)

  3. i just wanted to say i love your actions! i just recently figured out how to use them. thank you for sharing them :) I'm following your blog now too :)

  4. Welcome to Facebook! As to the lab puppy, being on our second one I've determined all you can do is wait it out. Usually around age 3 they start to realize that maybe the fact that you're speaking to them means you expect some kind of (positive) reaction.

  5. Hi! I love your blog and will most certainly follow you on FB! I have a FB fan page as well (Cassie Allen Photography)and one thing that is kind of erksome is that you are not notified of any postings or comments that go to your page. You have to go in and check it yourself. Just wanted you to know! :) Other than that, it's an amazing networking tool!


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