Saturday, August 7

Check out Amanda's Free Actions!

Amanda of Coffee With Amanda Tutorial fame not only blogs, posts tutorials and freebies, and teaches photo editing and photography workshops, she also has a great resource of free actions she wrote posted on her site Everyday Elements. I haven't had time yet to play with them all, but the ones I tried are great! Check out the artistic ones, they are really nice.

Amanda is a stay-at-home mom of four homeschooled kids, so she is one of my hero. I have to confess I really enjoy working with Amanda.  I love how blogging allows me to make friends with people who don't live around me but share common interests.  And I love when bloggers share. Thanks for sharing your freebies Amanda! 

Amanda does not pay me to blog about her.  I  do it because she is a wonderful resource AND she writes brilliant tutorials and allows me to post them on my blog so I can have more free time to read good books.  Without Amanda and Morgan and Jerry and my other beloved blogger friends I wouldn't have as much time to read!  Money means nothing compared to a few hours with a great library book.  ;-)


  1. Basically her and Morgan need to be put up for Sainthood, right next to you!

    Thanks for bringing these lovely and talented ladies to us!

    Have a great day Rita!

  2. Thank you, Rita! You are sweet! I'm thankful to have you as a friend!

  3. Awww thank you Rita!
    You and Amanda are awesome :)

  4. I am so very excited to use these!! Thank you!

    My only question is where are the PSD files? I downloaded the links but only can get the ATN and PNG file needed. Am I missing something here?

  5. Pam,
    I am sorry. I did not add in PSD files. I started creating actions only for my workshop attendees, whom all have PSE 6 through 8. None have needed the PSD files and so I never thought about making them.

    I guess you are using PSE 5? I will try to add PSD files to the action files, but it will be a while.

  6. Great shout out to Amanda! I have been downloading her actions and am hoping to make time SOON to start using them. She does such a wonderful job with her editing.

  7. Amanda is a lovely friend and great inspiration :)


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