Friday, June 04, 2010

{Friday Photo Bliss}

Inspired by the SouleMama blog's {this moment}, I am posting one image every Friday, taken that week, that really makes me happy.  If you end up doing the same I would love to see your photo linked in my comments! This is homemade playdough, recipe found in my favorite craft book ever, Disney's FamilyFun Crafts: 500 Creative Activities for You and Your Kids. This is out of print unfortunately but used copies are cheap. I bought 3, one for me and one for both of my sisters. :-)

OK, now a question for the homeschooling parents out there!  I am trying to decide on a math program for my son.  My sis Heather uses Saxon math and loves it, but I have read great things about Mammoth Math and the price is so incredibly affordable. I would love to hear your advice on your favorite math program for a K/1st  grader.  And if you found one you did not like, I would love to hear about it also!  I need to start getting some things together for this fall.  :-)


  1. Thanks for the book rec, I am always looking for books like that! He seems to be deep into playdoh imagination play zone :)

    my moment..

  2. I think I have the book...I remember it had tons of things for my girls to do. It was great, I know you and your boys will enjoy it.

    My moment ~

  3. I'm not a homeschooling mom, but I am a homeschooling high schooler (who loves your blog, btw). We've been a few math programs, and I have to tell you Saxon is my least favorite. It's a LOT of work. The one we're using now is great; it's called Math-U-See. I would highly recommend it.

  4. Math U See is our favorite math program. My kids are visual learners and this curriculum has helped improve their math skills a lot.

  5. we used horizons this year with our kindergartener. he had a good time with it.

  6. We use Math U See too. My husband works at a christian college and 2 of the 3 math professors who homeschool their children use this. So we feel pretty comfortable using that for now. Our son will be in 2nd grade next year but he will be doing 3rd grade math.

  7. My favorite math curriculum is children learned so much in K-5 through 4th grade, until I mistakenly tried Alpha Omega for one year. I do not recommend Alpha Omega!

    The ABEKA curriculum was awesome not only for my kids, but also in our Christian School at our church. I also highly recommend ABEKA's Phonics, Spelling, Language, Science and History. It really is fantastic!

  8. I use Horizon too, it's colorful, not to many problems each day (increase with grades)workbook style. If you could get yourself to a store where you could see them it would be so helpful. We have an annual conference I go to with seminars and vendors. I like opening up the books, it hard to tell what you're buying online. I've heard good things about MathUSee if you have a visual learner.

  9. Ah, math... I have tried so many curriculums, it drives me crazy. Next fall, my grade 5 & 6ers will be doing Teaching Textbooks which is an online/computer program.

    I do a blog for Project 365 and yesterdays *Friday's Photo* is a day late... but here's my picture:

  10. Hi Rita,

    I have absolutely loved using your actions, and came on today to thank you for all you've given us mommies who love our cameras.

    What a neat surprise to discover that you are also a homeschooler!

    We've used Horizons for our math program, but supplemented quite a bit from the following:

    Peggy Kaye's books "Games for Learning" and "Games for Math." These are excellent resources for kids your son's age. Wonderful, easy, quick games that reinforce skills. My son has loved them.

    Stuart J. Murphy's Mathstart books. These are engaging, well-written story picture books with math concepts in them and suggested activities in the back. My son has really liked reading the stories over and over. We've gotten them from the library.

    I've heard fantastic things about Math-U-See, too.



  11. Hello Rita,
    YES, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the great things you give and teach us!!!
    I am homeschooling my 2 daughters this fall and the math program I have had a ton of parents recommend to me is- Right Start Math. The program uses the abacus and many other hands on tools, as well as tons of games, Every lesson includes atleast one.
    Good Luck to you!

  12. Thanks everyone for your math advice! I love reading your comments and I am reading about these programs.

  13. Here's another vote Math-U-See. I'm just starting my second year of homeschooling my 12 year-old and starting my first year with my 10 year-old, so I wouldn't consider myself a pro, but we're learning as we go.

    My daughter hates math, so when I saw how the Math-U-See program worked, I had to try it and she's already told me that she wants it again for this year. She likes that it breaks it all down for her. We're also going to supplement her math this year with a book called "Math Doesn't Suck" by Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years who happens to be a math wiz.

    Thanks for all the great stuff!

  14. Thank you for sharing these wonderful frames!
    Melissa :)


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