Friday, June 25

Computer Holding Pattern

Just a quick computer update.

My computer is still at the Computer Dr. Apparently I had a hard drive crash, not necessarily due to the kids playing on it.
More likely just a bad hard drive. As everyone knows, these things happen quite often. :-(

The Dr. hopes to recover some to most of my files (he can't make any promises) and will be installing a new hard drive AND setting up an automatic backup system on an external drive. I can't get fast speed internet where I live, so even though my husband has Mozy and loves them, I can't use them because my wireless internet is too slow... But no matter what happens to my computer this time, next time I will be more prepared.

Anyway, I have moments of panic, but a part of me is enjoying not having a computer at home for a few days. It is quite nice spending my evenings watching the news and reading books and talking to my husband! Is this what people did in the dark ages (before computers)?

I will know more by Monday. I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying little prayers that my image files will be OK. But no matter what, everything will work out.

I wish everyone a great weekend! And I will be back in business next week blogging and blog designing like normal. I will let you know if my computer had its last rites or came back home from the hospital. :-)


  1. Good luck with it all. Computer woes are no fun a'tall!

  2. I know just how you feel, this happened to me more than once I am afraid, not I backup auto to a external, and then I even will manually backup photos to a portable HD, and then make CD's of photos and give to my kids and sister in law just in case. I know I am paranoid!!!

  3. Hey Rita, Maybe you should consider two external backups considering your business.

    I purchased one last year and was told after I moved all my photos to delete them from C: I did and not 20 days later my new backup crashed taking all my photos w/it!

    Good luck, Hootnonny

  4. Good luck with all that! To err is human, to really mess up you need a computer!

    Let us know what backup software they recommend. I'm using some that came with an Iomega drive. It has lots of options, which is great, but there's no update available for the software.


  5. I just wanted to mention something about Mozy because you said your husband likes them. I was using them and my hard drive crashed in April. I thought they had backed up everything...but they didn't. I lost 80% of my files. I was devastated because I was so sure that everything would be okay. I have heard this happening to others. I definitely don't recommend them. I now back everything up on another hard drive. Not sure if that is an option for you or not.

    So sorry for your crash! It stinks!!

  6. I found your site yesterday, love it! I am so sorry about your computer crash. I hope they can recover most if not all of your files. I have enjoyed looking around your blog! I look forward to reading your future post


  7. I just came back from a hard drive crash myself~ We got everything back file wise. It was just downloading and plugging everything back in.... it's a process! But, Good Luck! And I hope you're up and running soon:)

  8. seems were going through the same trauma- I lost my mac laptop last month, and my desktop with all my photos etc last week. I thought it might have been due to my preschool boys hammering away at the keys, but I think it was just bad luck. I'm mourning all my photos, and waiting for the computer gurus to see what they can salvage. I got a beautiful new computer and external hard drive out of the deal, and learned a very important lesson. Got my fingers crossed for ya!


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