Tuesday, May 18

Pinot Evil: Words to Live By

OK, I have to say it, I love my husband. We have been a couple since I was 17 (I will blog about how we met soon) and now, decades later, he still cracks me up. In a good way.

We have a little tradition during the summer. On nice evenings after we get the boys to bed, we pull out our finest box of wine and bring it out to the backyard. He pours me a glass (it is always too much, but it would be rude to complain, right?) and pours himself a bigger glass (he works out and can afford the extra calories) and we sit and chat.

This is going to sound corny, but we discuss serious things like religion and politics, and insignificant things like how many time the boys said poop in one day and the interesting nicknames they give their bodyparts... 

So the other day we were sipping this light white wine and chatting.

Funny, there is a picture of all of  the men in my family
 on the box. Aren't they cute.   

See no evil.  Yep, I know this one. "Duke, why didn't you tell me that Imp spilled blackberries all over the playroom? And you stepped in them! The rug is ruined!!!".  Duke:  "Mom, I didn't tell you because I didn't see him do it."

Hear no evil.  This one is my favorite.  My husband:  "Rita, did you hear Duke calling for you in the back?  He says Imp stinks so he probably needs a diaper change".  My reply:  "No, I didn't hear anything".

Speak no evil.  This is the monkey on my back.  If only I thought of him every time I open my mouth...  I can't tell you how many times this monkey could have saved me from getting in trouble.

Now, this entire post is inspired by the comedic genius of my husband who made this hilarious connection.  And this is for every parent out there who has had a child attempt to pee in a ficus at Luby's (true story). 

You might have to say this one out loud. 

I love my husband.


  1. I love that tradition. And I love this post. :)

  2. Too funny! As the mother of three boys I completely empathize with you. It's a wild wonderful life with boys. =)

  3. I was way ahead of you there, lol - but I don't think it would be easy to find the perfect illustration...

    These are fabulous!

  4. HA HA HA!! Ok, ok, ok! You got me out of hiding with this post! I've been a lurker here for a while. Boys are so darn funny! I have 2 boys myself and these conversations could have happened at any time in our house! Love it.

  5. this is such a sweet post :) and I love your tradition. my husband works all day so when he gets home all he wants to do is to do action stuff to relax his mind(like playing video games and pester me this kinda thing)
    by the time he settles down, it's time for him to go to bed :(
    I need to get some wine!

  6. My hubs and I have been doing the same thing - sans tradition... and wine. {Which is a sad thing.} Perhaps we'll start one like yours!

    I love moments like this. They help remind why the men we married got to be so lucky. {Oh yes, and how we did too.} ^_~

  7. Thanks for my first laugh of the morning Rita....too cute!

  8. I (((love))) reading your blog everyday.

  9. I live in Southern California. Where do you purchase your wine on the post above? Love the blog. Thank you!

  10. I love your blog, but admit to being a blogstalker and never commenting! So thanks for all the cool stuff you do and sorry for never saying so before! I chose to comment on this post though, because I absolutely love it when a wife is positive about her husband, especially when they have been married a while! So many people are terrible negative about their spouse and it drives me nuts! I am a huge fan of marriage and it is really encouraging that there are people out there that don't feel the need to insult their spouse. Thank you!

  11. Oooo, we love Pinot Evil! And I've comment on those cute little monkeys before. But I love the last one. I'm going to have to bust that out on my hubby. We're up to our eyeballs in potty training nightmares, so it should go over well!

  12. Oh I can so relate to the boys peeing and saying "poop", naming body parts! I have 4 boys and I wish someone would tell me what's so funny about potty language?? My youngest (2 years) decided to pee behind the dug out of his older brother's (16 year old)team - all the players and the coaches got a big kick out of it!

  13. oh my... sounds like my husband! I forwarded this post to him! lol.

    What a great tradition! Something I think many of us should do.

  14. Okay, since all of the lurkers are coming out with this post...I think it is time I did too!! I love, love, love your blog and, of course, the free actions. Your blog is the first place I go when I log onto the internet. I love your stories and photos and wonder how you have the time for it all. I also have two boys, so I can totally get your stories! It seems so funny to relate to your every post when I live in the opposite world - hmmm, it snowed here today and I am still waiting to put out my seedlings! Oh well, I can always find things to do here instead!! Thanks for everything.


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