Wednesday, December 2

CoffeeShop Christmas Grunge Texture and Tutorial!

Here are two free Christmas Grunge textures. They are big enough to use as backgrounds for your blogs or as textures on storyboards/cards/etc. Read below for a step-by-step tutorial (and the download link) on how I created them using free textures I found on the web.

1. I made a new document 2000px by 1200px, transparent background.

2. Next I made a new blank layer on top and used the Pixels&IceCream Christmas flower pattern in green (the small version). This is cute as is (thank you Jen!!!), but I want to grunge it up a bit.

3. I added Tone Texture 2 from ShadowHouse Creations. I put this layer in Overlay, 100%.

4. I then added Parchment 4 from ShadowHouse Creations. This layer was put in Linear Light, 16%.

5. I made a copy of this layer (Ctrl-J) and put the copied layer in Overlay, 40%.

6. Finally, I added the last free texture, GrungeBox TOTD # 112 from ShadowHouse Creations. This layer was put in Overlay, 57%.

7. If you want the texture in green, flatten and save. If you want it red, then add a color fill layer with #823e3e, Overlay, 100%. Then flatten and save. (Click on the images below to see the layer pane larger.)

Download both free CoffeeShop Christmas Grunge Textures HERE!

And I would be remiss if I did not post about Jerry's newest free Christmas brushes! Click on the images to be directed to his site so you can download them all. :-)

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  1. Wow Rita - love the textures! Can't wait to play!! Thanks so much!

  2. Oh this looks so fun! Thank you so much. I love your work. Can't wait to play with these.

  3. the grunge effect you applied to these. I also wanted to say thanks for introducing me to SkeletalMess and his blog....I have officially joined you in the fan club. :)

  4. Thanks for the freebie. I used the red texture background from this pack on an upload to flickr:
    Ginger's Christmas Letter

  5. hallo,
    thanks for sharing those cuties!
    you have a lovely blog,it was nice finding you :P


  6. Thank you so much for this site and your hard work xxx


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