Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Shopping and Amazon Gift Certificate Giveaway!

I wanted to thank all of you who have purchased our CoffeeShop Watermarking Action Kit. I am thrilled with the positive feedback and want to have a little giveaway to show my appreciation. Anyone that buys our action by this Wed. Dec. 2nd, 11PM central time is entered to win a $50 Amazon gift certificate! If you have already bought the action you are already entered. :-) I will randomly select one winner and post their name Thanksgiving weekend. Here is the action information:

My little sis Heather and I have teamed up and produced a time-saving cropping/sharpening/custom watermarking/cool edge effects action kit for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. You use the same watermark and action for both vertical AND horizontal images! Make as many watermarks as you want.

You can find all of the information at our CoffeeShop Design site. It is not a freebie, but it is worth every penny if you post a lot of images. Buy this action by the Wed. Nov. 25th, 11PM central time and you are entered to win a $50 Amazon gift certificate!


Let's talk about Christmas shopping. I am one of those people who really does not like to shop. If I am lucky enough to get out of the house and spend any money, I would prefer to go out to eat or visit my favorite coffeeshop. So I am blessed to have family (both mine and my husband's) who are more into the celebration of eating and visiting (not necessarily in that order) for Christmas rather than the gift giving.

However, we all like to shop for the kids. And the best gift is always going to be a book. And my dear husband fills out optometric questionnaires for companies and gets "paid" in Amazon gift certificates, which he then sends my way. Did I mention I love my husband???

So a few days ago I received an email with $80 of $5-$15 gift certificates (it took him FOREVER to earn these), just in time to do my Christmas (and Duke's birthday) shopping! I jumped over to Amazon and bought these books for my boys:

My kids don't watch much TV (it makes them grumpy and hyper), but I have to have a few videos for those gloomy rainy days or those days I need a sanity break. :-) I danced with joy when I found the Charlie Brown holiday set. Duke already says "Good Grief" which makes me grin. However, the other day he was trying to play football with a little friend he met at the playground, and unfortunately he was inspired by Charlie a bit too much... And have I ever mentioned their passion for all things construction and farming?

I love shopping (when it involved free gift certificates and books!). Oh, I am also in heaven when I get to go shopping in a used bookstore. A used bookstore with a coffeeshop. A used bookstore with a coffeeshop, my husband, and the kids enjoying time with Granny. A girl must dream. :-)

Finally, the free CoffeeShop Baby PowderRoom is coming out before Thanksgiving!!!! You are going to love this action. I showed my husband how it worked last night and even he was impressed. My fan club of one. ;-)


  1. I'm already entered? Woohoo...I'm so excited!

    I really hope we get to meet at Ree's book signing. You can bring the kids, Hubby will be there and he can entertain them!

  2. I think your watermarking action is a great one and well worth the $. I was also looking at your Custom Design site and was so impressed. I'm hoping to put you and Heather to work soon on a logo and photo blog. Your portfolio was outstanding and your pricing was very reasonable. So I just wanted to thank you again for your free stuff and say that your paid design options are amazing...Thank You!

  3. NotAlwaysCharming, I would be thrilled to meet Ree and you!!! I just hope she doesn't think I am stalking her about the actions. ;-)
    And way outnumbered, you are so sweet!!! I have so much fun working on this blog and it is so cool that some people can actually use some of my creations. I am one lucky gal. :-)

  4. Awesome Rita. Optometric quetionnaires, huh? I don't think when you were working on my blog that I told you this, but I'm an optometrist too. Funny, I don't get any of those questionnaires in the mail . . . :) Hope you have a Thankful Thanksgiving.


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