Friday, July 10

CoffeeShop Blog Design Winner!

OK, thanks to I have my winner, Jen of Our Daily Big Top !

I did pick an alternative winner. If Jen does not get back with me in a timely fashion OR Jen's blog goes really well and I finish it in a timely (love this word!) manner AND she likes it I will announce my alternative winner here in a few days. I want to do even more blogs but I have to remember I do have a day job and my two little bosses don't like their Mommy being on the computer instead of playing with them. :-) Not to mention I have to make sure I have stuff to post here.

Keep an eye out for more contests here at CoffeeShop. I will be giving away some custom-designed-for-you actions (including some watermarking/sizing for the web) and more blog design! And I have more actions and storyboards worked up that will be posted this month. Thanks for placing my blog button on your blogs, reading my posts, and donating so generously!

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  1. Hi Rita, great blog! I'm just scratching the surface in digital photography as well as editing...oh, a whole new world has opened up! so fun!

    I have a question for you about photography. I have two lenses for my Canon Rebel XS, the 50 prime lens and a 28-80. What other lenses would be good to add to my beginner tools?? My hubs is asking to get me one for my birthday this month.

    Thanks for your suggestion! Feel free to email at

  2. Great opportunity! I will have to look out for your next giveaway!~

  3. Congratulations Jen, for being the Grand Prize Winner of the Blogger Blog Make-Over by Rita! You will LOVE what she does for you. She did mine and I just love it!

    Congrats again!!

  4. Ok, am I the Jen winner or was there another Jen? I never win anything ever, so I will be SHOCKED if it is me!!!!


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