Sunday, April 19

Great Deal on Photoshop Elements 7!

Photoshop Elements 7

If you want to upgrade to the newest version of Photoshop Elements, then follow this link and Get Photoshop Elements 7 for $59.99 or Photoshop Elements 7 with Plus membership for $89.99. Exp. 04/23/09. I currently have PSE6, but after reading about PSE7 at Digital Photography for Moms I realized that the program has only become more powerful.

Personally, I am not going to upgrade from PSE6 , but if you have PSE5 or lower it would be a great time to take the plunge. Then ALL of my actions will run in your program! Isn't that a reason to upgrade? ;-) Don't forget that this sale expires on Thursday.

It is one of those rainy days and I am trying to reorganize my files while the boys nap. Here is a photo from a few days ago:

IMG_1048 web

Notice how Duke is kicking Imp. I had some really nice "posed" shots, but this image was my favorite. Also notice the cool vintage chair. In real life, before burning in Photoshop, it is a sickly avocado green velvet with moth holes. It is one of a set of two that my MIL was going to throw out (she did keep the lava lamp, go figure!!!) and I snagged them thinking one day I would redo them. Well, that hasn't happened but with a little Photoshop magic I actually love them!

I did not use any actions on this photo but instead followed some great tutorials on color pop from ilovephotography. It is a bit of work to get to the tutorials (you have to register and then post an intro in the forum at the bottom of the page), but it is so worth it! Andrea Joki and some other amazing photographers have posted some step-by-step tutorials on color and B&W that are brilliant. I have learned so much and this picture was edited using the Lab Mode color pop method (unfortunately it doesn't work in Photoshop Elements, but there are other tutorials that do). I need to work on my dodging/burning a bit more in this image, but you get the general idea.

I am always thrilled to see such amazing artists such as Andrea Joki sharing her techniques and tips. Please go check out that link, you will not regret it!

I have a few actions (one is a really nice vintage action) and a set of storyboards coming out in the next few days. Plus a few more tutorials!


  1. I love your chair, I'm jealous.

  2. Andrea is da Bomb! I love her shares too. I ususally stick in the share a square section, but I do know who she is!

    Thanks for a great site....I haven't dug in yet, but have visited several times. I haven't read your installing actions instructions yet, and that's the only thing holding me back. I have PSE 6 too.

    Thanks again for your generosity!

  3. I just wanted to point out, in case someone else with a Mac went looking, that this deal does NOT apply to Mac users. I already knew that the newest version for Mac is only PSE6, but I have been looking to upgrade and hoped that they had this deal for Mac too since it is the latest version and, sadly, they do not.

  4. I have question Rita! On the creamy chocolate bw, how did you get the first step "curves"

    how can i find that on my own?


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