Thursday, August 7, 2008

CoffeeShop PowderRoom Action Coming Soon!

Well, from the results of the poll (thanks for everyone that took the time to vote, I really appreciate it!) I decided to write a skin softening action called the CoffeeShop PowderRoom. But this action will not only soften skin, it will also have layers that allow you to sharpen eyes, enhance the eyes by darkening the edges/pupils and lightening the iris and whites, and even a layer where you can custom burn a vignette. And of course, everything will be totally adjustable (by either using lower opacity brushes and/or lowering the opacity of the layers) so you get a custom look. And need I mention that this action will run in both Photoshop AND Photoshop Elements (of course!).

I am working on the step-by-step tutorial which will come with this action, so once that is written I will put the tutorial and action up on my blog for free download. So please keep on checking back, it should be up very soon!



  1. Awesome. I'm really looking forward to this one!

  2. Can't wait to play with this. And many THANKS for the tutorial so we can make the most of it.

  3. Hello...I have just run across your blog and I love it but my question is that I can't figure out where to put the actions. I have gone over your flckr group discussion but I can't find what they are telling me to find. I am running vista and I have PSE 6.0. If you could get back with me I would appreciate it. Thank you very much

  4. I just found your blog yesterday and I want to thank you so much for your help. It seems so many people want you to buy things over the net and not be teachers. Thank you for your teaching spirit. May you be rewarded for your generosity.

  5. I can't wait! I'm SO excited! I added your blog to my blogroll. :)

  6. Thanks guys for your wonderful compliments. I do find it exciting to have tutorials and not just actions, so other people can learn with me.

    And tinab, just go to this link to learn how to install the actions in PSE:

    If you continue to have issues then please email me!


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