Thursday, January 6

Contact Me!

I love answering your questions and hearing your great suggestions, but as you can imagine I get busy, my email box gets completely full, and important emails sometimes get missed or spammed.  So to keep my sanity, I try to answer most questions via my blog or Facebook rather than emails. 

Most of your questions can be answered by visiting my Action Install Page or FAQ's.  If you are on Facebook you can find me there and ask questions or post about anything on my CoffeeShop Blog in my CoffeeShop Flickr Group. I try to check both daily, and if you do a quick search on my Flickr Group you might find your question already answered! If not, someone there (sometimes me, sometimes someone who is a real expert) will be happy to help you out.

Everything I post on this blog can be used commercially or personally and you don't have to give me credit.  However, please don't repackage/rename/tweak/rewrite/repost any of my free stuff and claim it as your own or sell it.  I want to keep everything absolutely free.  :-)

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If you are interested in custom logo or Blogger blog design, you can check out Heather (my sis) and my CoffeeShop Design site.