Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Army Guys Adventures: More Leaks!

It always bothered me that many of my hoses would start to leak soon after I purchased them. 

Thanks to a hidden camera, I know know what is going on.  OK Army Guys, what exactly are you up to today?  Perhaps because it is over 100 degrees today and you just need to cool down?

There you go.


  1. dang those army guys! always shooting holes in hoses. it sure explains a lot around here too... ;)

  2. I love your pictures. These always make me smile. Awesome blog.

  3. Too cute!! I love your blog! I've had you on my blogroll for a long time and finally mustered up the guts to try your actions (I'm a photoshop novice at best.) Thank you SO much for all that you do here! I wrote up a quite post on my blog to show off some of the photos that I enhanced with your actions. Check it out here:

    Thanks again!! Best wishes!