Friday, September 2, 2016

Pretty Forum "Natural Light" Course on Special!!!

Pretty Forum, a sponsor of my site, has a special on their "Natural Light" Course until midnight today!
Read all about it below. 

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How we use the light around us can either make our photographs amazing or anything but. The good news is that amazing natural light is available to us at all times, we just need to understand how to use it. In this course we'll explore all the different types of natural light, how to best use them, and how to troubleshoot the challenges that arise from each type of light. You'll finish this class confident that you can use the natural light available to you every day!

Course Outline

Week One: Shooting in Shade and Conquering Cloudy Days
▪ Analyzing the Light
▪ Directions of Light
▪ Finding good light in the shade
▪ Finding good light on cloudy days
▪ Tools for Enhancing the Light
▪ Overcoming challenges of shade light and cloudy light
▪ Live video Demo: Cloudy Light and Shade

Week Two: Mastering Direct Sun
▪ Finding Good Light in Direct Sun
▪ Metering in Direct Sun
▪ Overcoming Challenges of Direct Sun
▪ Introducing backlighting
▪ Live Video Demo: Shooting in Direct Sunlight

Week Three: Morning and Evening Light and Backlighting Like a Pro
▪ Why everyone loves morning and evening light
▪ Camera settings for best success
▪ Overcoming Challenges of morning and evening light
▪ Backlighting like a pro
▪ Overcoming the challenges of backlighting
▪ Live Video Demo: Shooting backlit

Week Four: Window Light and Shooting Indoors
▪ Finding good light indoors
▪ Positioning your subject in the light
▪ Overcoming the Challenges of Shooting indoors
▪ Camera Settings for best success
▪ Embracing Low Light
▪ Live Video Demo: Shooting indoors
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Course Requirements

▪ Camera: DSLR (Camera that is capable of changing lenses) and a working knowledge of your camera
▪ Level: Beginner to Intermediate
▪ Location: Online within the Pretty Forum.
▪ Dates: Workshop will begin Tuesday, September 27, 2016. Lessons will be presented every Tuesday for 4 weeks, and may be accessed at your convenience.
▪ Materials: All lessons will be in written format as well as include video tutorials. All PDF and video tutorials for the course are downloadable for you to reference.
▪ Instructor: Gayle Vehar
▪ Time Commitment: Approx. 3 to 4 hours a week
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If you are a current Pretty Forum Member, you may register HERE. Under the "Add/Renew Subscription" tab you may add the workshop.
Non-Members may register HERE and receive FREE access to the Pretty Forum for the duration of the workshop.
NOTE: After you complete registration you will receive an automatic email with further details for the workshop (please check your spam box if you do not receive this email). If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email
Additional Details
▪ Study-Along registrants will have full access to the materials, and may study along; however, are not able to post questions or photos for critique.
▪ Total class size will be limited to 35 Full-Participants and 45 Study-Along Participants)
▪ Workshop seats are non-refundable, and non-transferable
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