Friday, May 15, 2015

Lil Prop Shop, a CoffeeShop Sponsor and a 20% off coupon!

I am really excited to introduce you to Lil Prop Shop, a sponsor on my site.  Lil  Prop Shop is located in Denmark (I have visited Denmark and loved it) and they ship worldwide, so you can order from anywhere including the US! You have to check out her custom maternity gown, it is just gorgeous. And here is helpful video about their popular E-Cloth backdrops.

Make sure you grab the 20% coupon code at the bottom of this post.

Lil Prop Shop
Being a photographer myself, I am always on the hunt for backdrops, floordrops and other various props for my studio. However I always had the small issue of being located in Denmark. This may not seem like a big issue, however anyone who lives in the EU knows these two things:

1. Most prop and backdrop sellers are located in the USA.
2. Paying import taxes and VAT taxes on items purchased outside of the EU can get expensive!

Out of this frustration Lil Prop Shop was born. I decided I wanted to make it easier those in Denmark and Europe to buy backdrops and it sort of evolved from there! Lil Prop Shop now sells backdrops in 5 different materials, including our most popular E-Cloth. E-Cloth is a slightly stretchy cloth fabric that is wrinkle resistent, washable and should it get fold lines in you can quickly iron or steam them out. The colors are vibrant and the print quality great. There is currently over 150 designs in the shop. Can't find what you are looking for? You are always welcome to contact us for a custom order.

But it doesn't stop at backdrops. We are regularly adding new items to the shop to stay try to our name. Currently we also offer merino wool braids, mini blankets, wraps, faux furs and maternity gowns and we will be adding more items later this month. We also hope to be launching our satin line of maternity gowns early this summer. 

Oh and I forgot to mention. We now ship worldwide!

Now for the good part. For the rest of May Lil Prop Shop is offering The CoffeeShop Blog readers a 20% off coupon. Just enter the coupon code COFFEESHOP at checkout and you will automatically get 20% off your purchases.

Also, may is our 1 year anniversary, so be sure to follow us on Facebook for our birthday flash sales throught the month of May.

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